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Social Media Day 2019 - VOiD Applications

World Social Media Day celebrated June 30th is an annually celebrated day, to help recognise the huge impact and therefore the important role in which social media plays in our day to day lives. It has been used as a revolutionary way in which the whole planet (OK a bit exaggerated, nearly the whole planet) uses to stay connected.

Social media is special as it allows you to follow the things that matter to you the most, whether it be your favourite foodie posts, influencers or just your grandparents making their very first post! Millions of hashtags, posts and media content that connects many people around the world every second. You can be the star of an internet stage or an audience to amazing talents.

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What are some of the Important Implementations from Social Media?

Opportunities for businesses – In the working world across industries, social media has gone from being something that is nice to have, to an essential component of any business’s strategy.

Social platforms have turned into a marketplace for existing businesses and new businesses alike. It also enables direct consumer interaction correspondingly.

Social media increases voter participation and facilitates political change.

Facebook’s Safety Check (Crisis Response) – This function allows users in disaster zones to mark themselves as safe.

Human rights – through the speed and far reach of social media it has helped tackle many social injustices through hashtags such as #MeToo and with videos going viral containing undocumented cruelty which all helps when identifying those committing injustice worldwide and plays an important role in raising awareness to every cause.

Social media messaging can create face-to-face interactions when plans are made via these sites.

So what are the #Con’s?

Quality control – information overload has been a major issue with the influx of social posts which makes it very hard to keep tabs on content with things such as fake news.

Privacy issues – Issues had been raised on how much data companies keep on users from social media this can create an invasion of privacy.

Being responsible online – Always try to keep a track of how much time you spend online and to not ‘feed the trolls’ and any other online behaviour that could be wasting your time that you can’t get back.

Get Involved in the Discussion

As everything that becomes a global phenome it has its pro’s and cons, ‘what are the pro’s and cons that spring to mind when you think of social media?’

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