Why Your Business Needs to go Mobile

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Why Your Business Needs to Go Mobile - VOiD Applications
Businesses, now more than ever, sink or swim depending on their ability to stay current. Increasing digitisation across all areas – communication, commerce, advertisement, to name a few – means that in order to beat your competitors, you should be constantly checking for new innovations that give you the edge. Perhaps the single most important new area in the business and digital world is mobile development.

Each year, the total number of mobile apps downloaded increases – topping 175 billion downloads in 2017, a 60% increase from 2015 – and is forecast to keep increasing. It’s not just big companies and games, either – more and more small- and medium-sized businesses are jumping on the trend to bring their business and marketing to the cutting edge.

“With a mobile app, you create a direct marketing channel to over 50% of the browsing user base, with the ability to customise and tailor every piece of information that you want the user to see.”

Mobile apps, and developing websites for mobile, extends your brand far beyond what you would otherwise reach. Smartphones and tablets are now a concrete part of daily life, with the majority of people now using a mobile device over a desktop. With a mobile app, you create a direct marketing channel to over 50% of the browsing user base, with the ability to customise and tailor every piece of information that you want the user to see. When you have a mobile app, your engagement with customers increases drastically. You’re able to set up multiple different ways of interacting with the user, as well as increasing visibility – they’ll have to swipe past your app at some point, or interact with a push notification. You create an identifiable brand that a consumer is able to recognise, interact and engage with directly. This includes features like loyalty rewards, in-app purchases, sales, and promotions.

Analytic data as a marketing tool is extremely important for seeing patterns and trends in what your users’ preferences and habits are – with the right data, you can customise your strategies to target certain areas that are popular, or that need improvement. With mobile analytic data, you can pinpoint these areas and use it to provide insights into how customers interact with your app; viewing critical paths that users take in your app, increasing conversions, calculating user retention – even conducting tests with features, seeing how they affect behaviour and measuring reactions to new features or promotions.

With the customer satisfaction and ease of use that a mobile app offers, it’s easy to see why your generated sales might increase in turn. The convenience of a few touches on a screen compared to opening up a browser and entering a URL eases the user experience, encouraging repeat customers. Free apps come with the ability to have in-app advertisements and subscriptions, again generating revenue – free apps are some of the largest revenue generators on the AppStore. Apps like Netflix, Spotify and Tinder run successfully off of subscriptions. Free apps, even from big corporations like Facebook, sustain their business models by running ads.

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There are countless benefits to having a mobile app for your business. It’s an invaluable resource, creating and maintaining a channel that sets you apart from your competitors – allowing you to stay fresh and relevant, generating loyalty with customers and providing an extra source of advertising, communication and commerce. If you want to find out more, or how your own business can benefit from a mobile app, contact us – we’d be happy to help.