Why We Recommend Moving Away from Using Internet Explorer


Why We Recommend Moving Away from Using Internet Explorer - VOiD Applications
If you spoke to most Windows users about twenty years ago, you would expect them to say that Internet Explorer is their default browser. In fact, most of them wouldn’t even know any other browser existed! And since Macs were not as popular then as they are now, the majority of people frequently seen on the net were Windows users, making Internet Explorer the biggest browser around at the time.

Nowadays, the situation is very different; the majority of internet users hate Internet Explorer. Even Microsoft themselves haven’t been able to save its reputation. As a result, Microsoft have abandoned the browser (although they’ve supplied an update in IE 11), Even if you opt to update Internet Explorer, you can see that Microsoft actually prompt you to use Edge over the former by recommending it. This is a massive sign that you should move on with your browsing life.

Why is Internet Explorer so Bad?

It is incredibly slow:
This is probably the biggest reason users found the browser so frustrating – there is a need for everything to work instantly these days, speed is of the essence. So, if your webpage takes ages to load, people will often just give up! This was “fine” when IE was basically your only option, but as soon as the likes of Firefox and Chrome came out, IE’s luck was over.

It just isn’t as good as other browsers:
Again, this is unnoticeable without competition, but Microsoft got lazy when Firefox and Chrome were released. Both were packed with features and Microsoft didn’t have any. Even simple things like password saving or bookmarks weren’t included! You may say, they lost their ‘Edge’, and had to find a new one 🥁

It never displays your website properly:
Are you consistently seeing that dreaded “?” icon in place of an image? Or are things misaligned? No, it’s not the web developer’s fault (sometimes); check the same websites in Safari, Chrome or Firefox and you will see that they look fine or you’ll be able to make a comparison and see the difference in output that way.

When it is an IE only problem, you can guarantee It’s the fact that Microsoft didn’t bother making updates to the browser that would have kept it up to date with web standards, which scrambles your beautiful web pages and causes web designers to receive angry calls on a regular basis.

Chris Jackson from Microsoft, even submitted a press release announcing that you should be using Internet Explorer at your peril!

Why Are People Still Using IE?

Chris Jackson from Microsoft, even submitted a press release announcing that you should be using Internet Explorer at your peril! So, this should be a big sign that you should be switching to a new browser!

Microsoft have announced that IE has security issues and you could open up your computer to harmful viruses, compliance issues and lack of support.

What can you do if you use IE?

The simple answer is to change browser immediately – you are putting your computer and your files at risk and are probably not seeing most of your websites correctly if you have chosen to continue using the outdated browser, and even if you are using IE 11 you aren’t providing yourself with the means to have a smooth and optimised web experience. Microsoft have a default solution – Microsoft Edge, which has a similar look and feel, as its predecessor but includes the optimisation of current competitive browsers to ensure a more secure and favourable experience when surfing the web.

However, our own recommendations would be these browsers: Firefox or Chrome.

Regardless of the browser, we ensure our web design and development projects adhere to web standards, and ensure the quality of browsing is consistent amongst the different browsers offered, apart from Internet Explorer, because now we don’t have to and O.M.G that feels great.

If you have any questions regarding your website and its browser compliance, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you out. As always. We’ve got you covered.