What to Expect from the New iPhone?

William CowmeadowApps, Technology

Out with the old, in with the new. Has there ever been a medium that this mantra applies to more than smartphones? We think not, new operating systems are flying out at a lightning pace, the application market is only growing further, smartphone install base is growing daily, the list goes on. In a market that is constantly growing, changing and evolving, how do the old names in this industry survive amongst a sea of endless competitors and the mighty Galaxy line of smartphones?

By introducing the iPhone 7, that’s how. The latest iteration of Apple’s famous smartphone is due to emerge and rocket into the social stratosphere, more than likely (in fact positively has to be) announced at the next biggest Apple event that will be happening, September the 7th. But you may be asking the rather reasonable question of why you should upgrade your current and very still up to date iPhone 6, Galaxy S7 or any other number of premium devices.

Apple Keynote Event 2016 - VOiD Applications

Apple Keynote, Screenshot taken from: http://www.apple.com/apple-events/september-2016/

Apple being Apple, concrete facts are still hard to come by about the iPhone 7 and it’s potential S and Pro counterparts. However, VOiD is here to share with you the hottest rumours of the 7. Both good and bad.

The Bad
Let’s get the bad over with first. As many people have been fearing for some time now, one of the more substantial rumours doing the rounds is that Apple, have finally eliminated the 3.5 mm headphone jack we all know and love in order to make the product yet thinner, lighter and more convenient. This will force people to either invest in a pair of Bluetooth headphones, headphones using the iPhone’s Lightning Port or even some form of adapter. A few sources on the net are purporting to have already got access to the iPhone 7 and say an adapter is bundled with the phone. A huge pinch of salt is to be taken with this, to say the least.

The Good
Now for the good. Most sources state that two models will be available on release, with the S version presumably arriving later, these will be the standard 4.7-inch display, ‘7’, and a 5.5-inch display ‘Plus’ model for those who like big screens. In addition, there will supposedly be a ‘substantial’ redesign of the 7 over the already gorgeous iPhone 6 for those who prefer form over function. Additionally, there is the strong possibility that battery life will be improved along with a higher screen resolution, making videos and images look better but also, last longer.

“In addition, there will supposedly be a ‘substantial’ redesign of the 7 over the already gorgeous iPhone 6 for those who prefer form over function.”

The Beautiful
Finally, and best of all in our opinion, strong rumours abound that the previous lowest storage offering of 16GB will finally be phased out, instead starting at a much healthier 32 GB storage size. Of course, for those who use their devices for some serious app use, there is reason to believe there will be a 128 GB and (whisper it…) a colossal 256 GB model. Exciting stuff.

So amidst some of the more ridiculous rumours doing the rounds, (a personal favourite being a gaming joystick popping out of the home button) there are some real gems to hold on to here. And the greatest news of all? The iPhone 7 has been heavily rumoured to be released as soon as the 16th of September. Mark your calendars, folks. The next generation is finally here.