What are Push Notifications & Best Practices?

Jake RogersApps

Mobile Apps have a rather unique way of keeping customers and users interested in your business or product with Push Notifications. This blog post is going to help you fully understand the best practices for marketing using Push Notifications so you can get the best results.

Firstly, what is a Push Notification? Well a push notification is simply a message that is ‘Pushed’ from your business app and displays a message on the end users phone or tablet, even when the phone is locked and not in use. By using Push Notifications, you can stay relevant and fresh in a user’s mind and keep them constantly updated about your business and product.

Don’t be pushy (pun definitely intended). It is important to keep the messages relevant and current and not risk overstepping the line and bordering on spam, which will have a negative effect on the user. They are a great way to engage with customers, and to re-engage with those who are perhaps losing interest or need a gentle reminder you’re still out there. However, they have to be done properly or they will be seen as annoying, repetitive and intrusive. Ultimately leading to the user uninstalling your app, which is definitely what you do not want. Overall push notifications are a way to reignite user’s attention to your brand or product and keep them coming back for more.

Timing is everything when it comes to push notifications. What’s the point in sending a push notification to someone who’s asleep? This will lead them to either forgetting to check it or ignoring it entirely. Let’s say for example your business is a bar and you’re trying to push your latest drinks offerings, in a bid to drive people into your business, a push notification would be sent out late afternoon just as people are finishing work and are in the mood for a drink. Same as a restaurant, why would you send out a notification late of the evening when you could send one of the afternoon, when people are getting ready to eat. Timing and the message play such a huge part in the success of a campaign.

The idea for push notifications is to engage the user and stand out from the rest so the message has to be written for a human by a human and not a robot. The message should be tailored to the user (or groups of users), offering them what they want to hear or at the very least something they might care about further down the line. A push notification that is not tailored to the user and appears as a generic message will more than likely be ignored. The worst example of this is push notifications sent in the wrong language! Yes, this does happen more than you think.

Push notifications should not be something that’s added as an after-thought, they have to be implemented as part of the strategy for growth that focuses on giving customers something they care about. Whether that be product offers or promotions right down to some interesting news or free advice.

The team here at VOiD can help every step of the way. The team have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to implementing Push Notifications effectively. We will work with you to revise and refine your strategy to effectively retain user engagement. Consistent and effective communication is a vital aspect of building a strong brand awareness around your Mobile App.

If you think your business could benefit from a Mobile App for marketing or just want to have a chat about the wealth of possibilities they offer, please get in touch we’re happy to help.