Wednesfield High Academy – A School Website Case Study

Wednesfield High is an Academy located in Wednesfield, West Midlands. As a specialist college in engineering, they are committed to raising achievement and improving provision and participation in specialist subjects across the curriculum. They also have extensive links with business and Industry allowing for the highest level of engagement with the wider business community when it comes to the field of engineering and lifelong skills which allows them to provide specialist subject support to local primary schools.

The Problem

We were approached by Wednesfield High to replace their existing website and develop a new one that would be more user-friendly, easy on the eyes and OFSTED compliant. This meant the site needed to be easy to maintain and update as there are a lot of policies and publications that are important for users to access, namely parents.

Their previous website style and functionality was outdated. Due to there not being a clear cut way of uploading important documents, or having specific pages for different parts of the curriculum, it became overcrowded with a lot of blank pages being linked to, which severely impacts SEO and loading times negatively and makes it harder for users of the website to find the information they need. This resorted in a non-mobile friendly site, where it took quite an effort to find and view pages on mobile devices.

The Solution

To solve the above problems a new site had to be created with a keen interest in keeping it simple for the user to navigate around and find what they need, whilst still keeping it straight forward to upload files and update information across the whole site. A major reason for this is to make sure the website would be OFSTED compliant.

OFSTED need to know where are, and have access to, school documents and policies online on a schools website as well as ensure a school has all the relevant information for students and parents alike. It is one of the other tests put in place to make sure a learning establishment is meeting the criteria set out by them. With that being said it was of utmost importance to make sure all pages were clearly labelled, accessible and provided the relevant information. To do this we needed to ensure the site was easy to access, easy to maintain and easy to update.

The Outcomes

The resolution to the pains felt by Wednesfield High were relieved with a delivery of a website that was clean, providing a new modern online style that complimented the inside and out of the Academy building.

After numerous meetings, making sure as a collective we were moving in the right direction, the website that now exists, betters the previous in every way, alleviating the struggles, providing a better design of pages with clear gateways to downloads and specific information. Links for student and parent resources are clearly labelled and correlated in pages, instead of multiple pages that lack content.

News areas that are specific to different parts of the site have been made prominent throughout the pages where necessary. Key areas of the site that will always be of interest are made prominent thanks to the call to action buttons used on every page, so there is always somewhere else to go and check out.

The site is also mobile friendly making it easier to view the website on the go. All of these features account to a greater online presence that not only passes OFSTED regulations, but has all the credentials of a well-made and up to date website that can and will stand the test of time.


“I would recommend VOiD with confidence. We are really pleased with the work that they have completed to re-design the school website. They have been extremely flexible and creative in designing something that fits in with our requirements. We hope to continue working with them in the future.” – Kirsty Jones

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