The Secrets of Social Media

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The Secrets of Social Media - VOiD Applications

Everyone at some point has thought of going ‘viral’ on social media. Imagine sending out a tweet or Facebook status and waking up in the morning to find out you’ve been shared thousands of times around the world and your message has spread. Whereas there is no 100% perfect way to do this following a few simple tricks, you will soon be spreading your message on social media effortlessly.

There are so many social media platforms; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn to name but a few. Most popular for businesses is LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. As more and more businesses get on the bandwagon, social media is now playing a crucial role in the way people are finding out about businesses. By using these in sync with each other you can use each one to drive potential customers to your site. Posting a full post on Facebook, to then have a snippet of this tweeted out is a good way of reigniting interest in your posts.

The Secrets of Social Media - VOiD ApplicationsTiming is everything in social media. You can have the perfect campaign in your mind, and have aspirations to reach thousands… But if no-one is seeing it then what is the point? One of the best features on social media clients is the schedule feature. Knowing you can set posts to be sent out at a certain time, you can rest easy knowing your message will be spread throughout the day. By taking an hour out of the morning you can have the stress removed of worrying about your social media posts.

To get the most out of social media often businesses will use companies that specialise in social media audits, this is essentially where a third party comes into your business and gives your social media accounts the run over. Are you doing everything you can? As mentioned further up the post, you might be doing everything perfectly in regards to content, however, if most of your audience is from a different time zone then your post will simply get lost on their timeline. There are a few tools available for you to use such as ‘SumAll’. SumAll gives you daily analytics which show you a few key points, such as social reach, mentions, and how your posts have done throughout the day, this is good to see how your posts are doing, sometimes this can be a good indicator as to how you are performing.

The Take away here is that content is essential when using social media. Sponsored posts, sponsored tweets and LinkedIn ad’s for example aren’t something potential customers who are at that point a browsing user, are looking for. No-one is actively looking for companies to follow. So how do you utilize social media. It’s simple, the content needs to be good, well written and informative. Remember who you are addressing and why you’re addressing them. You will always hear about the 1 in a million success story about how a random status got unprecedented views, however you wouldn’t bet your career on luck would you?

If you think your business’ social campaigns could benefit from the services we offer or just want to have a chat about the wealth of possibilities on offer, please get in touch we’re happy to help.