Thanks Marika: Another Successful International Student Placement

Thanks Marika: Another Successful International Student Placement - VOiD ApplicationsAs you know here at VOiD we regularly have students from Universities in the UK and further afield. We recently had the pleasure of welcoming Marika, all the way from Italy. She came to us from Gecko Programmes who have partnered with the European Union’s Erasmus programme to provide vocational training for members of EU countries.

Marika was immediately put to work on various art projects. She helped us steer ‘A Frogs Life’ in a new direction, stamping her style immediately on the game. During this project, she worked with us to re-do all the assets and create the protagonist of the game, Dart! The new direction gave a new lease of life to the game.

After the game was finished we put her on creating advertising assets to be sent out to publications to help with the marketing of the game. These included posters and the relevant images for the social media accounts related to the game.

A Frog's Life iPad Game - VOiD Applications

When she came to us, Marika, not being a native English speaker at first had trouble with the language barrier, it was here that we discovered the wonders of Google Translate. When giving her new work, the work was sent over in both Italian and English, this was done to develop her English language and ensure the work was completed exactly as needed.

Thanks Marika: Another Successful International Student Placement - VOiD Applications

“The work experience in UK was a great opportunity for me to grow professionally and personally. VOiD Applications & VOiD Games is a young and dynamic work environment.
My welcome pack from my internship, at VOiD, was well arranged. It’s a strong experience, where you have to confront a different culture. For those that have never left their hometown, this is an opportunity to expand their horizons and gain experience unlike anything ever before.”

We would like to wish Marika the very best in the future and would welcome her back in a heartbeat. We can’t thank her enough for her time and would like to offer our congratulations, gratitude and best wishes for the future. Before she left, she found time to draw the members of the team and managed to capture each of our personalities and traits perfectly. The team liked it that much that it will eventually be printed and mounted on the wall. We hope she enjoyed her time with us at VOiD.

VOiD Caricature - Thanks Marika: Another Successful International Student Placement - VOiD Applications

As part of our ongoing commitment to the local area along with WLV College and WLV Uni, we will continue to take on students and young people who want to pursue a career in Programming (Application Development, Scripting, Games Development) and Computer Games (Games Development, Game Design or Graphic Design). If this is something you would be interested in, then don’t hesitate to Contact Us