Thanks Jonni: WLV International Student Placement

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Thanks Jonni: WLV International Student Placement

Thanks Jonni: WLV International Student PlacementDuring April and May VOiD had the pleasure of working alongside Finnish Student Jonni Kukkonen on a 5-week placement. As an advanced programmer, Jonni was immediately placed on our upcoming school transition app we are developing in conjunction with Wolverhampton Councils Learning Technologies Team and the Headstart project.

He implemented the mapping system that would be used in the app. More details about this app will be released in the coming weeks when we finalise the demo project so watch out for the news.

Some of you might remember a game we released way back in 2014 for the iPhone called Super Tap! Jonni found the time to completely overhaul the game by adding two new play modes. Amongst the changes implemented we added a new dimension to the game, as anyone who has played the game before will know it gets rather fast as the game progresses but now the game board can move in any direction as you play. The game has also been given a visual overhaul and will also be available for Android. We expect this to be available to everyone in September so keep an eye out for the announcement.

VOiD would like to thank Jonni for his time, albeit short, it was a pleasure to have him working with us. We wish him the best in the future and would gladly welcome him back.

Jonni had this to say about this placement:
“My five-week stay at VOiD was overall a good experience, though time flew by fast enough to make those weeks feel like only a few days. During that time, I got to fix, invent and remake code for various different apps and games. Getting to program for actual real-world projects is always cool, and the office was indeed a great place to work at. Since the atmosphere was good, workdays never really felt exhausting or too long. But most importantly, the people were nice, and the banter was always top quality.”

As part of our ongoing commitment to the local area along with WLV College and WLV Uni, we will continue to take on students and young people who want to pursue a career in Programming (Application Development, Scripting, Games Development) and Computer Games (Games Development, Game Design or Graphic Design). If this is something you would be interested in, then don’t hesitate to Contact Us.