Thanks Gurpindervir: BCU Sandwich Year Complete

Jake RogersPlacement, VOiD Applications

Gurpindervir Singh Rai was the first student we had the pleasure of working with on a placement year from Birmingham City University. Gurpindervir worked with us from Summer 2015 round until Summer of this year. During his placement, he not only grew as an individual but as a valued member of the team. From the beginning of his placement, Gurpindervir was placed on tutorials to assess where his skillset was within Unity3D. He was able to work independently solving problems he encountered. When he encountered a problem, the team would assist by pointing him in the right direction which led Gurpindervir to demonstrate a knack for self-solving problems and problem-solving skills.

When asked about his placement with VOiD, Gurpindervir had the following to say;
“Throughout my placement, at VOiD Applications I was able to experience first-hand what it is like to work for an app development company which in the greater context links to my personal career goal of finding a career relating to software development. Starting off from no knowledge of using the Unity Game Engine and MonoDevelop previously, I was also able to help by researching on problems and researching about implementing new features to company projects throughout the course of my placement”

Thanks to the hard work from Gurpindervir dubbed as ‘G-man’ by the VOiD team, we were able to propel our projects forward and also develop key skills which Gurpindervir would be able to take back to his final year at university. During his time here he worked with several members of the team on different projects. Helping completely rebuild the Speed Plus App to comply with Apple updates and fixes for functionality, as well as working on the headstart project. He also improved his testing skills and problem solving using a variety of tools including Bitbucket, and SourceTree to keep up to date with projects. While liaising with the team directly and remotely Gurpindervir was able to self-manage himself and worked tirelessly to constantly improve his problem-solving skills.

Closing out Gurpindervir said;
“Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed my placement and have learnt a lot about developing apps on a commercial level. The staff at VOiD Applications were really supportive throughout my placement. I have been able to put my skills into practice in a professional working environment which has allowed me to build my confidence. This has helped me to achieve my learning outcomes of becoming a better programmer and having a general understanding of how a company within this industry functions. As I am aspiring to get a career in software development the most valuable thing that I have gained from my placement is practical experience.”

The team at VOiD would like to thank Gurpindervir for all his time and work he put into his placement. The placement proved beneficial to both of us and we learnt a lot from Gurpindervir. We can’t thank him enough for his time here and wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

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As part of our ongoing commitment to students and the local area along with WLV Uni and now BCU. We will continue to take on students and young people who want to pursue a career in Programming (Application Development, Scripting, Games Development) and Computer Games (Games Development, Game Design or Graphic Design). After the successful placement year from Gurpindervir we now have a working relationship with Birmingham City University which has extended to us offering another placement year, this year. If this is something you would be interested in, then don’t hesitate to Contact Us.