Thanks Fabian: Another Successful International Student Placement

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Mr. Fabian Van Gellekom was another intern who came to help VOiD out for a lengthy period of time, staying with us from November 2015 all the way to April 2016, its with sincere gratitude that the entire VOiD team thanks him for his time and contributions to our cause. In return, we hope that Fabian’s time with us will help him find the employment and life opportunities he wants in his native Netherlands. Fortunately, we managed to track him down and he wished to say a few things about his time with VOiD and Britain as a whole.

As part of his application and media development studies at Nova College in the Netherlands, he was required to do a placement to complete his education. In Fabian’s words, ‘I chose VOiD applications because it had a great connection with my college, in addition to having a lot of experience with students from abroad’. Thankfully, a good reputation was not the only thing Fabian enjoyed in his time with us.

img_6759Indeed, from the very beginning of his exchange, Fabian wished to let us know that ‘The first day at VOiD Applications went really well, everyone was very friendly and I felt welcomed at the workplace’. We did not work his nose to the grindstone completely, of course! We made sure to build up his confidence slowly before moving onto bigger things, Fabian, noting in particular his appreciation for ‘working with tutorials of all kinds of programming languages, this helped me in revising most of the things I learned from my studies and when I needed to plan my exam assignments’.

Thanks to Fabian’s hard work and a little bit of VOiD magic, he passed said assignments with flying colours! Fabian being ecstatic at being given ‘the opportunity to develop programming skills in web technologies and PhoneGap. The results were really good which enabled me to pass my exam with high grades.’ Of course, being with us for such a long period not only helped Fabian develop his prowess with programming languages, but spoken languages too. Fabian told us that ‘This helped me improve my English skills which I could use to stay in England and help my future career’.

The best part of having Fabian with us, of course, was learning of what he achieved after his time with us. We were delighted to learn that he not only passed a single exam with high grades, but earned his diploma! Needless to say, the entire VA team wishes to express our congratulations, gratitude and best wishes for the future to our former intern. Anywho, we’ll let Fabian himself close this article today with his final thought:

“I recommend this programme to every student who wants to go abroad. My next adventure will be a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Thanks again to Chris, Jake and Neil for having me. I wish you all luck for the future, and may your dreams come true.”

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As part of our ongoing commitment to the local area along with WLV College and WLV Uni, we will continue to take on students and young people who want to pursue a career in Programming (Application Development, Scripting, Games Development) and Computer Games (Games Development, Game Design or Graphic Design). If this is something you would be interested in, then don’t hesitate to Contact Us.