Why Your Business Needs to go Mobile

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Why Your Business Needs to Go Mobile - VOiD Applications

Businesses, now more than ever, sink or swim depending on their ability to stay current. Increasing digitisation across all areas – communication, commerce, advertisement, to name a few – means that in order to beat your competitors, you should be constantly checking for new innovations that give you the edge. Perhaps the single most important new area in the business and digital world is mobile development. Each year, the total number of mobile apps downloaded increases – topping 175 billion downloads in 2017, a 60% increase from 2015 – and … Read More

Increasing Engagement with Push Notifications

Jake RogersApps, VOiD Applications

Increasing Engagement with Push Notifications - VOiD Applications

If you’ve been with us for a long time you might remember our previous post about Mobile Business Apps, one of the key points about this was that the effective use of push notifications to keep your Mobile App at the forefront of your customer’s minds. Today we are going to tell you how you can increase engagement with Push Notifications.

What are Push Notifications & Best Practices?

Jake RogersApps

Mobile Apps have a rather unique way of keeping customers and users interested in your business or product with Push Notifications. This blog post is going to help you fully understand the best practices for marketing using Push Notifications so you can get the best results.