Why Are Apps Asking for Bluetooth Access in iOS 13?

Luke JohnsonTechnology

Why Are Apps Asking for Bluetooth Access in iOS 13? - VOiD Applications

This September has seen the release the iOS 13, which the iPadOS then followed with its release not long after. As part of iOS 13’s recent privacy and security improvements, apps will now need to ask for permission to access Bluetooth in iOS 13 & iPadOS devices. If they need or want to access Bluetooth on either your; iPhone, iPod or iPad, then this will be followed by notifications alerting you that third-party apps wish to use Bluetooth, some cases include permission for location access via Bluetooth also. Wi-Fi and … Read More

Why Your Business Needs to go Mobile

Christy ConnortonApps, Web

Why Your Business Needs to Go Mobile - VOiD Applications

Businesses, now more than ever, sink or swim depending on their ability to stay current. Increasing digitisation across all areas – communication, commerce, advertisement, to name a few – means that in order to beat your competitors, you should be constantly checking for new innovations that give you the edge. Perhaps the single most important new area in the business and digital world is mobile development. Each year, the total number of mobile apps downloaded increases – topping 175 billion downloads in 2017, a 60% increase from 2015 – and … Read More

How Much for App Development?

Christy ConnortonApps, VOiD Applications

How Much for App Development - VOiD Applications

A common question we get at VOiD is about the cost of a mobile app. We’re always excited to hear from new and existing clients about their app development ideas. It’s great to hear about a client’s vision for an app that’ll help them meet their goal, with each new brief presenting its own unique challenges, approaches and concepts. Cost is one of the most important factors when deciding to fully realise (or not) your app idea. At VOiD, we tailor our process to your needs. We consider budget, time, … Read More

How Much Can I Make From an App?

Christy ConnortonApps

How Much Can I Make From an App - VOiD Applications

Apps and App Development are now one of the biggest developing industries in the world, taking billions in revenue every year. Most of this money, however, is made by specific kinds of apps – some apps will make millions, others might make nothing. The market is ever expanding – more and more apps are being made available to the increasing audience of smartphone users. Roughly 80% of internet users are smartphone owners, which means that your app has potential to be extremely widespread. It’s important to consider how different aspects … Read More

How Free Apps Make the Most

Christy ConnortonApps

How Free Apps Make the Most - VOiD Applications

Free apps have long been the norm, beating out paid by multitudes – gone are the days of the £0.99 app purchase. Their range spans entertainment, commerce, navigation, communication and countless others. Yet despite being (nearly) entirely free, these apps repeatedly report among the highest earning Apps in the AppStore. There are multiple strategies to monetise a free app. Here, we’ll look at the most popular. The first method is In-App Advertising. In 2017, ads accounted for 55% of mobile publisher’s revenue. For the bigger apps, while it’s not likely … Read More