What to Expect from the New iPhone?

William CowmeadowApps, Technology

Out with the old, in with the new. Has there ever been a medium that this mantra applies to more than smartphones? We think not, new operating systems are flying out at a lightning pace, the application market is only growing further, smartphone install base is growing daily, the list goes on. In a market that is constantly growing, changing and evolving, how do the old names in this industry survive amongst a sea of endless competitors and the mighty Galaxy line of smartphones?

10 Things to Look Forward to with iOS 10

Chris CarterApps

10 Things to Look Forward to with iOS 10 - VOiD Applications

Apple’s developer conference in San Francisco back in June told us a lot about what we can expect from iOS 10. A few months and a few beta versions later we want to share what we’re looking forward to the most about iOS when it launches sometime in September with the new iPhone models.