Why Are Apps Asking for Bluetooth Access in iOS 13?

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Why Are Apps Asking for Bluetooth Access in iOS 13? - VOiD Applications

This September has seen the release the iOS 13, which the iPadOS then followed with its release not long after. As part of iOS 13’s recent privacy and security improvements, apps will now need to ask for permission to access Bluetooth in iOS 13 & iPadOS devices. If they need or want to access Bluetooth on either your; iPhone, iPod or iPad, then this will be followed by notifications alerting you that third-party apps wish to use Bluetooth, some cases include permission for location access via Bluetooth also. Wi-Fi and … Read More

10 Years of iPhone

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It’s scary to think the first iPhone went on sale on 29th June 2007, 10 years ago. The phone that went on to change the landscape was originally announced on 9th January 2007 in San Francisco. Steve Jobs stepped onto the stage and presented the audience a new smartphone which was laughed off by companies such as Motorola, Nokia and Microsoft, for its daring plans to change the phone industry.

Apple WWDC 2017 Keynote

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WWDC is one of Apple’s flagship events in the calendar and we usually hear all about what to expect from the next iteration of iOS. This year we have been spoilt with new versions of iOS, macOS and the watchOS. Today we are going to look at what Apple announced and how it affects app users, developers and Apple hardware fans.

2017 Update to the Apple App Store Review Policy

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2017 Update to the App Store Review Policy - VOiD Applications

App store reviews are what make the app world turn. Developers and Customers are always looking to get that elusive 5* review. Having a higher app store rating increases your chances of being downloaded. Apps with lower ratings tend to be lost in the huddle and washed away with the tide of new apps flooding the app store. It’s now more important than ever for businesses with a mobile app to have a high app store rating. What tends to happen at the minute is every time the user opens … Read More

New Release: A Frog’s Life iPad Game

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A Frog's Life iPad Game - VOiD Applications

We’ve just completed and released our newest game: A Frogs Life. A Frogs life is available for iOS tablets and will challenge users as well as educating them about the life cycle of a frog. Aimed at children and offering a blend of addicting gameplay, it aims to educate children about the life cycle of a frog in a fun and engaging way. Follow Dart as he grows from a tadpole and begins his adventure, growing into a fully fledged frog in the big wide world.