Would Your Customers Benefit From Extended Access to Materials?

Would your customers benefit from extended access to materials?

Imagine that your customers and staff were able to access training materials on the move.

Employees and customers with access to training materials after a training session, will be more likely to benefit from what you’re passing on, leading to a higher success rate within your area of training. This then guarantees a higher standard of service, customer retention and giving you a one up on the competition.

Do you need more engaging content?

Apps aren’t just a great communication tool. They can be used to interact and engage with users more effectively.

Virtual Worlds, dynamic content and reward based usage all wrapped with easy communication through push notifications can help your customers achieve their goals.

Do You Need More Engaging Content? - VOiD Applications

What can Gamification do for you?

What can Gamification do for you?

An analysis by a leading US University (Denver Business School) concluded that those who engaged in learning through games ended up with 11% higher factual knowledge, 14% higher skill-based knowledge, and 9% higher retention rate than those who used traditional methods.

All with the aim of helping your customers reach their goals.

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