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Sometimes a Website may not do all the things you need it to, the same can be said for a Mobile App. Where do you turn when you need to bridge the gap and provide a solution for your customers or users that fits the bill whilst still maintaining your own company ethos?

Custom built software is focused around your goals. We focus our efforts in creating systems that increase business efficiency and allow you to provide your customer base with more ways to research, interact, enquire or buy.

Regardless of the niche needs, or the speciality expertise needed, we can tailor a solution to your software needs if you have the vision.

Software Development is an investment but, you can control exactly how it works so its tailored to your business goals. Our Software is designed to scale and grow with your business, all whilst taking into account your other systems of use.

Software Development - VOiD Applications

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No Proprietary Software

All of our software is developed using industry standard open source technologies. Nothing we create is proprietary and we never lock you into maintenance contracts.

If you need it to be local or cloud based the technologies and languages we use are always open source.

Cloud or Local

Should your custom software be in the Cloud or locally based? That’s dependant on the goals of the project. We develop for both and during our initial meetings, we will suggest what is the best course of action.

9/10 times cloud is the way to go so you can access it anywhere you have an internet connection.

Cost Effective

Custom software development isn’t cheap but because we design the software with your specific goals along with scalability and growth in mind, it’s a cost-effective solution in the long term. We can link third-party platforms into the development to extend functionality.

Longevity is key with custom software and our support team are with you from first contact, to launch, and everything afterwards.

After Care

When we finish your software we’re always available to provide support and guidance.

We believe with the right support and guidance you will get a better ROI and your software will continue to perform for you, for years to come.

Our Toolbox

VOiD Applications Develops using PHP
VOiD Applications Develops using HTML
VOiD Applications Develops using CSS
VOiD Applications Develops using MySQL
VOiD Applications Develops using JavaScript

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