We understand it can be hard to captivate an audience, or turn a prospect into a returning customer. In this age of technology there are plenty of ways to market, but how do you keep your audience coming back for more? Gamification! The process takes into consideration your products subject matter and finds new and innovative ways to gain and retain your audience’s attention.

By incorporating gameplay elements into non-gaming scenarios, we can create a service that rewards its users with day to day use, giving them much more reason to regularly use your software and keep it open for longer sessions. Do you have an application that only records data for collection purposes, how about we sprinkle some daily challenges in that unlock achievements for consistent, day to day use? Oh, you have a task manager solution that looks a bit drab? What if we incorporate leader boards and allow your users to compete with each other weekly whilst they make improvements to your business- and keep it going because they love the bragging rights and fulfilment your piece of software gives them? What’s that, you want a Pie Chart that turns into a roulette wheel in your document processer that will then determine the results of a point prize giveaway that can be exchanged for in app currency that your user — and let us dial it back a touch as we’re getting dizzy with excitement.

The point is, the possibilities of Gamification are only as limited as your creativity. Which means the possibilities are indeed, limitless. As long as it’s within the project scope, of course.

Gamification doesn’t only improve your users experience. It can be used in the workplace to improve your employees performance and work forces morale and motivation. Its said in research, 89% of staff feel they’d be more productive if their work was gamified. Gone are the days of being told we’re going to end up with square eyes if we don’t move away from our screen it seems. Rejoice!

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Push Notifications

With a mobile app, your business can be seen through a variety of devices keeping you at the forefront of your customer’s minds.

With an in-depth push notification strategy, you could see a rapid increase in your usual click-through rate. Push notifications are the most popular method of communication for your customers and potential customers, and a great way to remind users that they need to login for the day and complete their necessary actions.


The possibilities of gamification allow endless ideas of interactivity being implemented into an app or piece of software.

Lets assume you have an app that has a lot of information, using the method of gamification you can create a stage progression of completion that rates the users performance or consistency and condenses the information into sizable chunks to make sure the information sticks or tasks are completed. Give the user something to come back for, again and again.

Reach New Customers

Find new ways to communicate with new and existing customers. An app can help you build loyalty and increase retention by keeping them up to date with new offers and increased loyalty, add a layer of interactivity where they are rewarded for performance or consistency, and you’ve just gamified your app and potentially caught the attention of users you usually wouldn’t.

After Care

When we finish your software we’re always available to provide support and guidance.

We believe with the right support and guidance you will get a better ROI and project will continue to perform for you, for years to come.

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