How Can Gamification Enrich What You’re Trying to Teach? - VOiD Applications

How can Gamification enrich what you’re trying to teach?

So what is Gamification? Its where we take traditional gaming elements such as experience points, levelling up and Trophies and apply them to real world learning materials to help keep students engaged in the content.

Its proven by The Univeristy Of Denver in the US that Gamification leads to higher learning outcomes and retention rates. Combined with a great curriculum, Mobile Apps and Gamification can enrich what you teach.

Need new ways to Immerse your audience? Could your content benefit from Interactivity?

With Mobile Apps anything is possible. Allowing students and staff to view course content away from the classroom, communicate with each new Lecture or Lesson or even be involved in weekly polls are some of the ways Apps can bring interactivity to the classroom.

If you have an idea about how you want your course to be fresh and exciting contact us today and make it a reality.

Need New Ways To Immerse Your Audience? Could Your Content Benefit From Interactivity? - VOiD Applications

Would You Like Your Recruitment To Be More Engaging, Unique and Memorable? - VOiD Applications

Would you like your recruitment to be more engaging, unique and memorable?

How can you stand out from your compeition when it comes to recruitment? Be memorable!

Using Apps or Games on your website or as part of your exhibition stands to get potential students engaged is a fun, unique and more importantly memorable way to collect data to use in other forms of marketing.

All with the aim of creating engaging, unique and memorable content.

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