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Branding is usually associated with your business or organisations logo. Rightly so, however it doesn’t end there. Your branding dictates the whole perception of you, by those that see it. It’s your companies visual personality that tells a potential customer what you are all about. Good branding will attract attention. Great branding will tell your story.

So, what does your branding say about you? First of all have you got a logo? Does that logo use one or multiple typefaces? Does that correlate with your website, signage or marketing materials? What about the colour scheme, is it consistent? Is the tone of your message consistent? Does all of the above transfer to your advertising and marketing efforts?

You may think this is a lot to take in, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Regardless of whether you’re looking to freshen up an existing brand or create a completely new identity. We can guide you on the journey to a consistent persona that your prospects will have heard of, your customers identify with, and you love.

So you know what logo and colour scheme you want, but do you know how to utilise it. With a full brand design, not only do you get the assets you need, but a full set of guidelines on how to use them, and why they should be used in the way they are. Allowing your brand to be consistent across all platforms creating a brand that your consumers trust.

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Brand Guidelines

Your identity throughout all your ways of communication needs to remain synonymous with your message. In order to do that, you need to understand how to implement the brand with a set of rules and guidelines that everyone can follow, especially if you are to be represented on external materials that may not be under your control.

That’s where Branding Guidelines come in. A set of rules to explain in detail exactly how your brand should be used and presented, whether it’s in-house or elsewhere. Stay on brand, all the time.

Logo Design

A logo isn’t just an image that says who you are. Its a representation of your business, it can hold the characteristics of your persona, and a lot of the time, it’s the first thing your potential customers or clients see.

Don’t let the first impression be a bad one. Even worse, be the last one.

When we design your logo, we take into consideration everything; what your business does, who’s it for, your colour scheme, what mood do you want to resonate, and last, but definitely not least, what you want to be brought to life within the design.

Graphic Design

Branding identity is made up of not just your logo, but multiple assets used in conjunction to represent you. This means that assets across different mediums need to match up also.

Our graphic design services ensure this. Have an existing brand that you need extra assets for? We can provide those. Have a new concept that you envision, but don’t have the means to carry out, we can help. Whether or not you have brand guidelines in place, we can provide a Graphic Design service that tailors your assets to your needs and goals.

Marketing Materials

Business Cards, Leaflets, Flyers, Look Books, Promotional Materials, anything and everything (let us get a hold of ourselves), may be almost anything, we can help design it.

Physical marketing materials, that carry over the professional look of your business or brand are becoming an under utilised area of design with the accessibility of digital information. However you can not underestimate the importance of having something to physically pass on that contains your business’ information.

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