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A mobile app can help you propel your business to new heights. A mobile app is an efficient way to interact with your customers, improve your retention with your existing customers and become embedded in your marketing strategy with push notifications.

Working with us we will be with your through every step of the app building process. We will work closely with you to help you understand how an app can fit in with your business.

Whether you’re looking for data collection, lead generation, general marketing or user retention we’ll make sure you get the best return on investment by outlining what your goals are from the start.

App Development by VOiD Applications

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Push Notifications

With a mobile app, your business can be seen through a variety of devices keeping you at the forefront of your customer’s minds.

With an in-depth push notification strategy, you could see a rapid increase in your usual click-through rate. Push notifications are the most popular method of communication for your customers and potential customers.


Gamification is where you take traditional gaming elements and apply them to training materials and content to help your content remain engaging and relevant.

Gamification consists of elements related to gaming including experience points, levelling up and trophies.

Reach New Customers

App’s offer you a new way to communicate with new and existing customers. An app can help you build loyalty and increase retention by keeping them up to date with new offers and increased loyalty.

After Care

When we finish your mobile app we’re always available to provide support and guidance.

We believe with the right support and guidance you will get a better ROI and your mobile app will continue to perform for you, for years to come.

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VOiD Applications Develops using JavaScript
VOiD Applications Develops using iOS
VOiD Applications Develops using Android
VOiD Applications Develops using Java
VOiD Applications Develops using React
VOiD Applications Develops using Swift

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