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As a Mobile App Development Company, we don’t bombard you with all the techy side of App Development, that’s our job. Not everyone wants to talk about the ins and outs of how they’re developed or what devices support what features that’s why we concentrate on what we know is important to you, your targets and how an App can help you achieve them. We only focus on these targets and talk about what features of an App can achieve them. Whether you’re looking for data collection, lead generation, general marketing or user retention we’ll make sure you get the best return on investment by outlining what your goals are from the start.

The team at VOiD have years of experience creating Mobile Apps for all different businesses. If you need App Development in Hereford contact us today, tell us what your goals are and what you want to achieve and we’ll handle the rest.

Could you improve sales with improved customer retention rates?

Could you improve sales with improved customer retention rates?

With your business information in their hands, customers will have your business in the forefront of their minds.

Push notifications are becoming increasing popular and can garner up to 40% click through rate. That’s more than ten times the usual click through rate of standard email marketing. It’s the most effective way to communicate with potential and existing customers.

Could your business benefit from increased efficiency?

Every business out there is striving to make their internal processes more efficient to increase productivity and most importantly, profit.

Enterprise apps are designed to streamline business processes such as inventory control, resources planning, finance and even sales.

Could Your Business Benefit From Increased Efficiency? - VOiD Applications
How Can Gamification Enrich What You’re Trying to Teach? - VOiD Applications

How can Gamification enrich what you’re trying to teach?

So what is Gamification? It’s where we take traditional gaming elements such as experience points, levelling up and Trophies and apply them to real-world learning materials to help keep students engaged in the content.

It’s proven by The Univeristy Of Denver in the US that Gamification leads to higher learning outcomes and retention rates. Combined with a great curriculum, Mobile Apps and Gamification can enrich what you teach.

Angular Seek
Windows Development
Node JS
React Native

All with the aim of generating more visibility for your business that leads to more customers and more revenue.

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