Samsung Suspends Galaxy Note 7 Sales; Tells Owners to Switch it Off!

Neil CooperTechnology

On October 11th Samsung put out an official statement telling owners of the Galaxy Note 7 to “power down and stop using the device”, after what appears as though their phones have gone nuclear.

The company has urged that any sales or exchanges be cancelled whilst it looks into the incidents caused by a faulty battery that leads to the phone catching fire and exploding. It’s been reported that in September alone, they recalled 2.5 million devices after reports of the phone blowing up due to the battery fault in which they were replaced with new devices that they thought were ‘safe’.

The Galaxy Note 7, originally released in August, which was attainable for the healthy price of £739, has lead to Samsungs reputation being thrown into turmoil as multiple reports came in of defective phones. In the US, a phone caught fire whilst on a plane that caused it to be evacuated, days after that a man in Kentucky woke up to a room full of smoke thanks to the already deemed safe to use device.

The Note 7, which was seen as a more powerful rival to that of the also new ‘iPhone 7’, and the first phone to be recalled by Samsung, may aid in one of the greatest downfalls for a tech company if they don’t get it under control fast, if that hasn’t already happened. Especially with how unclear the issue is on an International scale. In trying to thwart Apple’s plans, they have instead seen a loss in their own shares whilst Apple’s stock now rises. Samsung has already named the device as the reason why they’ve slashed their profits forecast by an astonishing $2.3 billion (£1.9 billion). Costs are rising and the Samsung phone brand is being hit hard, is this the perfect time for Google to counter, with their newly announced Pixel Phones? Way to use the silver bullet on yourself.