The Project - WLV Training Application

WLV Training was developed alongside The Workplace within The University of Wolverhampton. The team were looking for a way to modernise their course material. As a university, Wolverhampton welcomes students from all over the EU and beyond and a mobile app allowed them to manage this seamlessly.

Alongside the mobile app, a portal was also developed to house all the data from the application and present the information to members of the team in an easy-to-read format.


The Client

Careers, Enterprise and The Workplace are departments within The University Of Wolverhampton. They offer a wide range of services to Current and Past students in regards to Careers, Enterprise, and Entrepreneurial endeavours.

Offering workshops, consultancy, and general support, the team aim to assist you while you are on your job hunt. Some of the main features offered by the enterprise team include 1-2-1 Career appointment booking, assistance in building a CV which is eye-catching and well written, Interview training, how to stand out during an interview and also a database with jobs and companies which are hiring based on your skillset. This is offered to both current students and recent graduates.

The Results

The mobile app produced for The Workplace was built with ease of use in mind so the design focused on this. The app encompasses all the training The Workplace offers including sections focusing on; Delivering a 5* Service, Working Together, Professional Etiquette and Awareness and Fairness.

One of our main aims when creating this app was to promote user engagement and we achieved this by introducing a consistent reminder to return to the app via push notifications when a task needed completing. Gamification was implemented through the use of achievements which unlock when the user completes key areas of the app. The team within The Workplace have the ability to send push notifications manually to remind the students it might be beneficial to return to finish a section, begin the next or update them.

Push notifications also gave ‘The Workplace’ a convenient area to keep the users up to date with events and conferences coming up which would assist the users during their job search.

On the backend ‘The Workplace’ have access to a custom portal which keeps track of what sections users have completed within the app, and also contains the dates in which they were completed. This portal was essential as The Workplace needed to ensure users had completed the relevant sections before they could be signed off the project.

The Conclusion

The app is available on both iOS and Android phone devices and gives both users and The Workplace an easy to use solution to deliver employability content as required. The team have access to a range of powerful features to ensure the app can be used by different cohorts of students.

The app is accessible for both young and mature students and the content is delivered in a way which is fun and accessible for everyone, as well as ensuring all relevant sections are compliant with The Workplace’s criteria.

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