The Project

Welligogs is a sought after brand of British outdoor clothing. They approached us to update their eCommerce website with a complete rebuild, with a large focus on sales and products, while providing a source of marketing primarily through social media integration. We were to stay true to their brand – a distinctly British website, tailored to their elegant, practical designs that would complement their products. It would incorporate elements from their old website’s design, such as the colour scheme, while modernising the rest to have it accessible across every device. Of course, true to our own brand, we would design it with lifespan in mind – easing the client’s maintenance and ensuring self-sufficiency past the finished product and aftercare.

“The team at VOiD have done an outstanding job developing and maintaining our eCommerce website over the last couple of years. We have found them to be very receptive to our ideas and offer solutions very quickly. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Void Apps, they can always offer a solution to your online needs.”
– Kim Anna [Welligogs Director]


The Client

Founded in 2000 by managing director Kim Annan, they were the first brand to introduce hand-painted designs on wellington boots to the UK and European market. With a focus on their roots as a distinctly British family business, the designs were inspired by Kim and her family. These designs then went on to become the range of products, designs and specialisms that you see today – the epitome of British style. Welligogs is continually growing with an increasing number of celebrity endorsements, as well as a massive social media movement.

The Results

This project was a complete rebuild from the ground up, transferring everything onto a new server that would be better equipped for Welligogs’ needs. Welligogs’ brand evokes a rich, distinctive, British style – fittingly. Their colour scheme was shades of scarlet, burgundy and lashings of burnished gold, however this latest iteration brings in a clean white look accompanied by bold use of scarlet to make the header, page and footer assets stand out, whilst retaining the unique and vintage style Welligogs is known for.

The home page continues this trend, proudly displaying large images of Welligogs products in a primary feature with call to action buttons to browse their online shop. This gives their site a modern twist while putting the products in the spotlight and advertising what they are known for, distinctly British clothing.

The Conclusion

Welligogs makes use of aftercare provided by ourselves effectively, always opting to change the design of the site in favour of the current season of attire they want to advertise. This in conjunction with their social media marketing efforts means the website is very active and always converting customers transactions – so uptime, maintenance and security are of utmost importance.

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