The Project - SPEED Project Application

SPEED came to VOiD Applications – as alumni ourselves – requesting an app for Android and iOS to be used as a vital part of their marketing campaign. The app would function as an information platform with integrated digital marketing methods such as push notifications and social media links. It features a strong focus on the SPEED programme itself as well as the start-ups it has benefited, giving both a large boost of advertising and publicity. Developing for Android and iOS goes a long way towards achieving these goals, reaching the majority of smartphone users for maximum exposure.

“Fantastic customer service and excellent product delivery. I work for the University of Wolverhampton and needed to develop a mobile app to promote our services over at the Enterprise department. VOiD Applications worked with us over a few weeks to build and perfect the application. We could not be happier with their work and will be using their services again in the future.”
– Gavin Bhandal [SPEED Project Development Officer]


The Client

SPEED Plus is a six-month business start-up project, part funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), with the aim of aiding business creation in the West Midlands. After working with twenty universities, SPEED is now run by the University of Wolverhampton in association with Keele University, Birmingham City University, Staffordshire University and Coventry University. A network of specialist consultancy, development, advice, help and support is offered to current students, graduates, alumni, staff and partners from any discipline, to help them start and run their own business – whether that be alongside their studies, after graduation or alongside employment in a supportive environment.

The Results

SPEED – Business Startup offers a clean, modern user interface that makes use of simple colours, shifting focus directly to SPEED and the start-ups themselves through swift, effortless navigation. SPEED’s own brand is represented throughout. The home page draws attention to four categories, all focussing on SPEED and its start-ups’ activities, and through this maximises engagement with its target audience by allowing users to view necessary information from a central location within the App. It’s clear then where the focus is. A secondary focus on the page engages with their goals for marketing, linking through to SPEED’s website and social media profiles.

The start-ups are central to the app with the unmissable “businesses” button a prominent feature of the home page, clicking through to a list of alumni of the universities that SPEED has helped set up. Each individual business is given their own page, containing a small description of their company along with their contacts. This minimalist design achieves the ideals laid out in the design specs, as they create valuable publicity and advertisement for the businesses themselves. The page encourages users to click through to their own websites and social media profiles for further detail, creating greater traction for the business rather than just the App. To emphasise the accessibility and ease of communication of the SPEED programme, there is a dedicated contacts page, containing the names, emails and phone numbers of the team.

To emphasise the communication aspect, the App has an integrated Push Notification platform. This platform allows for push notifications to be sent out to users, informing them about new businesses joining the programme, new events, and news from SPEED. Push notifications are a great way of increasing click-throughs to an app, directly affecting engagement and visibility. They also raise user retention rates Average open rates for push notifications are over 90%, and many people prefer them to texts – which may cost the user and the business themselves. They serve as gentle reminders, and are a perfect fit for what SPEED is trying to achieve here: by sending push notifications out, they gain traction and advertisement almost freely through the app.

The Conclusion

The App encompasses what SPEED had set out to achieve: a platform from which they can use not only to engage with their target audience on a widely used device via news updates, events and contacts, but to also use as a channel for digital marketing through social media and website links – both of which are prominently displayed within the app. The clean, easy to use UI means that navigation through the app is simple, encouraging users to explore, exposing more and more of the brand and the businesses. Why not see what we can achieve for you? Contact us here to find out more about our services in Mobile App and Web Development.