The Project - EventClip

EventClip is the worlds leading manufacturer of Pinless number fasteners used by runners, Cyclists and tough mudders around the world.

The project was to help improve the companies online presence with a new, faster and mobile-friendly website. The catch? It needed to serve eight different countries in their native languages and currencies whilst all being managed in one place.

In order to do this, we created the website for the British market in English whilst setting up subdirectories for Ireland, Australia, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy and Spain. Each acting as their own website with one point of control. Every user is redirected to the correct site automatically based on their location and browser language settings.

Each subdirectory is tailored to the target market so all the content is translated and the currency is local. Even some products vary from country to country.


The Client

EventClip was founded by award-winning inventor Mike Drage. His idea of a pinless number fastener came to him whilst on a run through a forest on his Birthday in 2009. He looked at his running gear and released there were holes everywhere and it was about time he purchased some new kit. He quickly realised the holes in his training shirts were caused by safety pins used to keep the numbers attached during competitions. The idea for EventClip was born.

The idea is to keep your number fastened to your shirt without creating holes in your training gear. Made from recycled plastic EventClip pins achieve this by clamping the garment between two pieces of plastic that lock together. Keeping the number fastened without creating holes or damaging the garment.

The product went through various development phases and prototypes before getting the design to where it is today.

To say it has been a success is an understatement, with over 1m units sold worldwide it has received the award for Best Running Accessory from the Running Awards three years in a row (2015,2016,2017).

The Results

A website with eight different languages tailored to each target market in the native language using the native currency and all controlled using one dashboard.

Each language/target market has it’s own subdirectory which acts, on the face of it, as another version of the website. When users land on the website they are redirected to the most relevant version of the site for them. This is done by looking at the browser language and their location to determine the best fit for them, usually, browser language takes precedence.

The idea to have so many target languages is because only 25% of the internet are native English speakers. This means you could sell into other markets overseas but if your content is in English and your currency is in GBP you are likely to alienate a large portion of the user base, resulting in fewer sales conversions.

Having a multi-lingual e-commerce site means reaching thousands more potential customers who purchase your products from anywhere in the world. Not only have EventClip reached out to people in new markets in different countries, but they have tailored the experience to what feels natural to the user, increasing the chance of sales.
One of the main goals for the client was ease of use for the staff. In the past, similar websites would have been separate entities with different sales tracks and product lines to keep up with. With our solution, the client has one single point of control for every language.

The backend system allows the user to clearly see which products are created in which markets along with pages and posts. It tracks all the sales from each country and collates them into one sales screen which the user can filter and sort as they wish. Different shipping conditions for each country can also be created and managed along with currency settings and one payment gateway for all.

A personalised pin creation tool was integrated to allow users to upload their own pictures to create the perfect Pin. Users see a default pin design on-screen and the tools allow them to upload photos or create text with styling options such as colour, font and size changes. Once the user is happy they add it to the basket and the client sees their design attached to the order.

The Conclusion

EventClip now have a website that targets several different countries at once with fast and efficient management tools. Their sales strategy is tailored to each country and is designed to make the user feel more appreciated and more likely to buy.

As well as being multi-lingual this e-commerce site is mobile responsive, secure and fast. It’s easily upgraded with new features and countries, should they be needed in the future. Selling units around the world EventClip is breaking into new markets and attracting new customers.

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