The Project - Donghua Chain ID

Donghua produced a Chain Identification tool on their website for a fast way of identifying a replacement chain for a multitude of applications, proving extremely helpful to their clients. Donghua Limited approached us to take their popular chain ID tool and convert it to an mobile App, to simplify the process of identifying a specific chain and make it more efficient to use out in the field. It would replicate the process of the website tool in a clean, accessible app developed for both iOS and Android. This app would be the first of its kind in the UK – it was important to achieve everything Donghua Limited wanted, and this App would fulfil their needs as a link to new audiences and markets.  Accuracy and speed were key parts of the app, allowing sales engineers to identify chains quickly and efficiently regardless of location.

“Our Chain ID App is perfect when sales engineers are out on-site. Identifying chain now couldn’t be easier or quicker. Simply use the App when out in the field, upload a photo and we’ll notify you of the correct replacement chain within 1 hour. It means sales engineers can now identify the chain, advise their customers and secure an order whilst still at their appointment!”
– Bob Wellsbury [MD of Donghua Limited]


The Client

The Hangzhou Donghua Chain Group is one of the world’ biggest chain manufacturers with offices throughout Europe they produce over 30 million meters of chain per year. In 2009, Donghua Limited was established in West Midlands with warehouses holding 800 tonnes of chain, and then expanded again in 2016 to increase warehouse capacity. The Donghua network strives to penetrate new markets and forge links with new audiences in the UK and mainland Europe, continuously innovating their process and products to become a leader in the chain sector. They are committed to the highest quality chain they can produce, and go the extra mile to help their customers.

The Results

Featuring a simple UI to make navigation as easy as possible, the app uses large images and diagrams to help ease identification based on individual chain classes, attributes and applications taken from the website tool. Being mostly visual, with large input fields, makes identification on site easy through detailed, labelled images that can be made full-screen with a single tap for clearer comparison. Clear input for measurements, model numbers and applications helps streamline the process – ringing true to the Chain ID form on Donghua Limited’s website, the App helps make each stage of identification as quick and easy as possible.

While a straight conversion from the website to the App would be sufficient enough to provide all the necessary ease that Donghua desired, we added a new feature to their process to make sure the App would stand out as the quickest, most efficient chain identification app. After filling out their details in the main form, users are given the option of uploading a photo of the chain to their inquiry, speeding up the identification massively – Donghua will then be able to notify the user of the correct replacement chain within the hour. This makes it extremely attractive to sales engineers, allowing them to advise customers in the same appointment without delay – encouraging further growth with a great service.

Going forward, the app will be updated to include different chain types; conveyor chains, sprockets, and more. Continuous updates are planned to ensure the App remains optimised, relevant, and contains all the necessary quality of life changes, while retaining the brand recognition and ease of use that it already possesses.

The Conclusion

Making an identification process mobile, accessible and streamlined served multiple different purposes: it became an innovation for the company, being the first app of its kind; it helps reach new audiences; it improves upon the formula they already had by including visual aids within a simple, modern UI; and it focusses on the high quality, quick and efficient service that Donghua themselves provide. If you’d like an App that will help solidify your standing within the digital age, contact us at VOiD Applications. We’re always happy to hear from you and your vision for a project.