The Project - Cox & Plant

Cox & Plant, a well known manufacturer of Industrial Food Processing Systems, most notably vibratory conveyor systems, needed a website, to showcase the vast array of equipment and industrial sorting machinery, they offer. With an ever-growing base of clientele – from all over the World, the site would later need multiple translations to properly market itself on an International scale.

In order to do this, and remain on brand, the website would use their physical marketing designs to create a bright and modern take on a large website that utilises a search and sort system to make finding the correct end product for the user an enjoyable and straight forward experience.

“I would highly recommend VOiD, I have used them for a number of clients and they always do a great job. They are reliable, easy to communicate with and amazing at what they do!”
– Sarah Lumley-Holmes


The Client

Cox & Plant has a global reputation for the design, development, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of food processing and conveying systems, processors and repack companies. Established in 1972, Cox & Plant prides itself on being a leader in the industrial food sorting sector by creating a product range that is environmentally friendly, energy smart and recyclable. The projects they deliver are tailored to the businesses needs, emphasising this throughout their website as well as all their other marketing activities, that they don’t just want to sell a product, but become a partner by supplying a solution that is scalable to the client. Based here, in the heart of the industrial West Midlands, we’ve had the chance to bring this business’ ethos to life on their website.

The Results

Cox & Plant’s website, is no small feat. Featuring all of the solutions they offer to their customers as well as examples of the machinery in use via video, it has an expansive range of front-facing pages, that break down information on all their products and services in a clear and concise manner in a variety of ways.
Based on the sheer scale of what Cox & Plant offers as a business and what they needed to explain to their potential customers who visited the site, it was always going to be a challenge to produce a website that encompassed the ethos of the company, without burying it underneath a mass amount of information the user would need to absorb or would easily ignore.

With this in mind, the focus was to produce a clean and modern website that made use of the facts and stats of the company, to draw attention to key information and elements for the user to focus on. With the combination of our web development and design wizardry, and Cox & Plant’s already established branding and modern promotional material, we were able to produce a website that breaks down the technical jargon of their products and delivers it in sizable informative chunks, through the use of explanations accompanied by imagery and video of their products, all split into either their own product page, category or sorting selection.

The Solutions (Case Studies) page, allows their users, to look at the products that relate to them, by utilising a custom-built search function, that filters their products via ‘Industry’ and ‘Solution’ – making it a quick and efficient search that the user can define, what they are looking for. Their Product Pages are split by the purpose of the machinery, and by selecting one, you are then greeted with a catalogue of products for you to look at. Each product then has related products, so you can continue to further your research or use one of the many calls to actions to enquire at Cox & Plant.

With all this in mind, the website also needed to have multiple languages added for overseas customers to enquire. The top right of the website shows what languages are available and allows Cox & Plant to maximise their coverage and further push their International Presence. This site is fully multilingual taking advantage of subdirectories for each language which allows the client to easily manage translated pages and posts. Its canonical tags are set up so that Google understands that each language should be viewed as a separate but linked website, therefore ranking pages on the internationalised Google search engines. If a user lands on the website for the first time it will serve the correct language based on their language settings or English by default.

The Conclusion

We continue to enjoy a fruitful and productive working relationship with Cox & Plant, by offering monthly Web Maintenance & assistance. This allows us to fulfil long term goals set by Cox & Plant via milestones and rolling out periodic updates to the overall customer experience to make sure the customers journey, is always streamlined and drives qualified customer. Being innovators in their sector, it’s important they have someone on hand to update their website with their newest products and technology, showing they are always ahead of the curve.

Feeling inspired by what Cox & Plant was able to achieve with their incredibly extensive catalogue of products and services showcased via their website? Then contact VOiD Applications today, to see how we can help you.