The Project - BES Legal Ltd Branding

BES Legal Ltd are a well-established, multi-faceted law practice offering a wide range of legal services, with multiple offices based around the UK.

With an expansive array of clients across a range of areas from Civil Litigation, Commercial Conveyancing and Residential Conveyancing, Wills & Probate and Debt Recovery to Family and Matrimonial Law, BES Legal Ltd needed an all-encompassing identity that showed they were approachable whilst retaining a professional and unique outlook that would separate and announce them amongst their competitors.

The rebrand set the basis to revamp the BES Legal Ltd website. The colours associated with the logo allowed the development of the website to put a twist on what’s usually a dark, type heavy output for businesses in the legal sector, and the font used in the logo, allowed us to strike a balance between the use of Serif and Sans-Serif typeface amongst their other assets. It always feels like a Law Firm needs to have that corporate embellishment which we see time and time again that makes use of the classically bold sans-serif fonts and high rise architecture portraits, but with this logo and the adaptation of its colours as well as a sleek typeface, it allowed us to expand on these ideas and bring these striking design choices into the modern age.


The Client

BES Legal Ltd was founded in 1925, by a ‘Bate Edmonds Snape’, hence the BES, and have since offered a range of specialised legal services. They pride themselves on being approachable and taking the time to talk with clients to understand their actual needs and musts before offering the correct service via their expert team of solicitors.

Like most Law Practices and business’ within their sector, their original branding was very blunt and relatively old school, sporting the Times New Roman font and making use of serif fonts across all of their assets and branding packages with black being the accent colour to bland white spaces.

Knowing that the clientele of the 21st Century have new and evolved pains to solve from that of the past, BES Legal Ltd felt their branding should fit the modern solutions they provide with a new look to match the attitude and problem solving they bring, which lead them to working with us to create a new identity that brought them right up to date without losing their core principles.

The Results

Moving away from the impactful sans-serif font and type only, identity that ravages the law and financial practices sector, was a bold move, but the results speak for themselves. The Serif font face coupled with the uppercased lettering creates a look that lets you know BES Legal Ltd mean business but will help a cat stuck in a tree.
At first glance, the type seems straight forward (that’s intentional by the way), the combination of transformative text between the slim curves of the lower case lettering and the look at me capitalisation allows this text to be combined with the ‘can not be forgotten’ sans-serif font contained in the body of the website and paper-based assets they deal with.

The shades of blue (and green, but not green, kind of like turquoise but still blue, but has a real green energy about it) is used to enforce the core principles of the company, on that, they are dependable, trustworthy, and confident in their ability (Google Colour Psychology to find out more about how colours can impact on your brand).

The colours in the emblem, allows the unique use of bright and uplifting shades across their other fields of marketing whether online or off, showing a distinction between them and their competitors.

The emblem although coupled with the type can be separated and used separately, and vice versa, allowing the logo to work in different layouts. It also works in plain black and white so there’s never a situation the whole logo cannot be used or recognised.

The Conclusion

BES Legal Ltd now have a brand that is up to date, doesn’t shy away from the sector they’re in but welcomes clients with open arms and already has the kettle on. The new branding opened the possibility of revamping marketing efforts and rehauling the identity of the business across their media, whilst still retaining their core principles and business acumen.

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