The Project - Acorn To Oaks Financial Services

Acorn To Oaks Financial Services are a leading financial services company based in the West Midlands.

In 2016 we were approached to redesign and modernise their ageing website to make it more user friendly, mobile responsive and secure. Four years later we were asked to give it another facelift to help it better reflex the company’s growth and reach.

Our aim this time was to help the A2OFS better convey their core services to clients and get more people to contact them for their services.


The Client

Acorn To Oaks Financial Services was founded in 2008 by Claire and Jason Oakley, directors with over 30 combined years of high-level financial services expertise. Their mission is to be recognised as more than a company that provides a comprehensive suite of financial products and services. They achieve this by focusing on the customer service, making sure that customers get a tailored experience they won’t get anywhere else. Independent of any provider they are able to survey the entire market to find the best products and services without bias.

Years of success and growth for the company lead to an acquisition in 2018 by City of London Group. Michael Goldstein, CEO of City of London Group said: “A2O fits perfectly into our sweet spot by focusing on SMEs and having a strong regional network.”

The Results

The new 2020 redesign has taken the website to a new level, with an updated design tailored around the companies existing brand. The updated logo and clean branding gives the site a more modern feel and updated imagery helps focus the content to its core corporate demographic.

The site has every website mod-con you’d expect from being fully mobile responsive to secured with a free SSL certificate as standard. It benefits from our on-page SEO service which is also standard with our websites.

The design of the site is focused around guiding the user through the sales journey by getting the information to them as quickly as possible and encouraging contact via the call to actions.

A custom meet the team section was developed specifically for this project by our in-house WordPress developers. It’s a custom post type that allows the web manager to create new team members in seconds, without the need for any previous web development experience. Fill in the boxes and the team member is created.

The Conclusion

Acorn to Oaks Financial Services now have an updated web presence that allows them to reach a wider audience online, something even more important in 2020 that in previous years. The new site brings the branding to a new level and the sophisticated design of the pages and content allow users to navigate to what they need quickly and contact the company effortlessly.