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Assistant App to Manage Stress Independently and Effectively

STREBLO, developed alongside The University of Wolverhampton and academic researchers is a companion app which gives users gentle nudges to support their stress level and provide meaningful solutions to manage this further.

Cox & Plant

Website Catalogue of Industrial Food Processing Systems for Multiple Nationalities

Cox & Plant, a well known manufacturer of Industrial Food Processing Systems, most notably vibratory conveyor systems, needed a website, to showcase the vast array of equipment and industrial sorting machinery, they offer.

PHMAT Applications

Targeted mobile apps for Primary Schools, improving their communication reach using modern technologies

Perry Hall Multi-Academy Trust, wanted to take advantage of mobile applications to help with communication between staff, students and parents. With an ever-growing list of academies coming on board, each school needed its own app tailored to their specific information.

SPEED Project Application

Information platform with integrated digital marketing methods to increase outreach

SPEED came to VOiD Applications requesting an app for Android and iOS to be used as a vital part of their marketing campaign. The app would function as an information platform with integrated digital marketing methods such as push notifications and social media links.

WLV Training Application

A quiz based app which delivers content in a easy to use format.

The Workplace were looking for a way to modernise their course material. As a university, Wolverhampton welcomes students from all over the EU and beyond and a mobile app allowed them to manage this seamlessly.

Donghua Chain ID

Chain ID Tool for Mobile Devices, for one of the largest chain manufacturers worldwide

Donghua Limited approached us to take their popular chain ID tool and convert it to an App, to simplify the process of identifying a specific chain and make it more efficient to use out in the field.

Beef Monitor

Agricultural monitoring tool designed for an easy to use Web App

The Beef Monitor hardware works by measuring the weight of a cattle or beast when they drink from a water trough, then sending the data to the Beef Monitor app where you can see a progression of their weight.