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Beef Monitor

Agricultural monitoring tool designed for an easy to use Web App

The Beef Monitor hardware works by measuring the weight of a cattle or beast when they drink from a water trough, then sending the data to the Beef Monitor app where you can see a progression of their weight.

Donghua Chain ID

Chain ID Tool for Mobile Devices, for one of the largest chain manufacturers worldwide.

Donghua Limited approached us to take their popular chain ID tool and convert it to an App, to simplify the process of identifying a specific chain and make it more efficient to use out in the field.

SPEED Project Application

Information platform with integrated digital marketing methods to increase outreach

SPEED came to VOiD Applications requesting an app for Android and iOS to be used as a vital part of their marketing campaign. The app would function as an information platform with integrated digital marketing methods such as push notifications and social media links.

Welligogs eCommerce Website

eCommerce Website Design for sought-after British Fashion

Welligogs approached us to update their website with a complete rebuild, with a large focus on sales and products, while providing a source of marketing primarily through social media integration.