Why Are Apps Asking for Bluetooth Access in iOS 13?

Luke JohnsonTechnology

Why Are Apps Asking for Bluetooth Access in iOS 13? - VOiD Applications

This September has seen the release the iOS 13, which the iPadOS then followed with its release not long after. As part of iOS 13’s recent privacy and security improvements, apps will now need to ask for permission to access Bluetooth in iOS 13 & iPadOS devices. If they need or want to access Bluetooth on either your; iPhone, iPod or iPad, then this will be followed by notifications alerting you that third-party apps wish to use Bluetooth, some cases include permission for location access via Bluetooth also. Wi-Fi and … Read More

Happy Birthday! VOiD is 7 Years Old!

Luke JohnsonVOiD Applications

Happy Birthday! VOiD is 7 Years Old! - VOiD Applications

The team here at VOiD Apps are over the moon to have reached 7 years of trading! As everyone understands with business/trading it can be a hard, challenging and arduous journey. Nevertheless, this has been an overall rewarding voyage in which the team couldn’t be happier with the progress that’s been made! “Apps, Web, Games or Design – we weren’t lying when we said we’ve got you covered.” VOiD started off as a Mobile Games Development Company, formerly (and still in some cases by close friends of the company) known … Read More

The Internet of Things (and What You Need to Know)

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Internet of Things and What You Need to Know - VOiD Applications

The practical definition of the Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects which can be accessed through the Internet. These objects contain various technology which is embedded within them, this allows interaction that can cross between the external and internal environment. These interactions which allow communication will help change how and where decisions are made, and the ability to make those decisions more efficiently. With IoT there is a potential to connect 10x as many sensors to the Internet than currently by 2020, this may range from … Read More

World Social Media Day 2019

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Social Media Day 2019 - VOiD Applications

World Social Media Day celebrated June 30th is an annually celebrated day, to help recognise the huge impact and therefore the important role in which social media plays in our day to day lives. It has been used as a revolutionary way in which the whole planet (OK a bit exaggerated, nearly the whole planet) uses to stay connected. Social media is special as it allows you to follow the things that matter to you the most, whether it be your favourite foodie posts, influencers or just your grandparents making … Read More

Is My Web Host Right For Me?

Christy ConnortonVOiD Applications, Web

Today, a strong digital presence and getting yourself set up online is absolutely crucial. It can be a difficult project to undertake. The sheer amount of choices you make concerning your new website can be overwhelming, and you can’t afford to make any mistakes that might cost you in the long run – especially when it comes to web hosting. Before they come to us at VOiD, one of the main problems our clients face is finding the right web host for their website and, admittedly, it’s a very difficult … Read More