NEWBART Sports Management – A Website Case Study

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All too often a young up and comer in the footballing world, for one reason or another, has their career movement stifled. An untimely injury, perhaps, a loan spell that didn’t work out, or maybe just plain old bad luck. Whatever the reason, too many young footballers will slip through the cracks of the academy system, a promising career ruined or at best heavily set back. This is where NEWBART steps in, a company specifically aimed at footballers struggling to make their next steps in their career. They do this through finding new clubs to play for, moving into different leagues to revitalise a players performance and many other services. So, NEWBART help the football players, but how did we help NEWBART?

The Problem

A company that focuses on young people, in a universally popular sport, what could go wrong? Unfortunately, NEWBART didn’t have a website to begin with, so the new website had to be developed from the ground up, a challenge in its self in territory that hadn’t been tackled by the client before.

The Solution

Our first priority in helping NEWBART’s web problem was to ensure that the new website developed was friendly to any mobile user, a crucial step when their business revolves almost solely around young people who will have access to smartphones. With this in mind, the site was developed from the ground-up to be fast, fluid and aesthetically pleasing to any mobile user, with clearly defined menu options and a simple, clean interface. This design philosophy ensures that the site will look and feel great on any mobile phone or tablet. The desktop version has not been neglected, of course, the same design philosophy that gave rise to one of our best mobile sites to date has also ensured a crisp, well defined and simple to navigate website. Desktop Version - VOiD Applications Desktop Version

The Outcome

By listening to the guys of NEWBART throughout our service and listening to their business needs, we believe the outcome of our time and effort has been a great one. Thanks to the new website, with a keen focus on creating a mobile-centric experience, has allowed NEWBART’s web presence to grow exponentially, now that the site can be browsed on the go at the tap of a few buttons, an increase in traffic will follow. Once they get there on their mobile device of choice, they will see the new website in all it’s glory, with each of the many services that NEWBART offers clearly highlighted and laid out.

“Thanks to the new website, with a keen focus on creating a mobile-centric experience, has allowed NEWBART’s web presence to grow exponentially.”

Whether you’re a player from a higher league academy needing a club shake-up to keep climbing the career ladder or a player looking to get the best deal on a contract or sponsorship, NEWBART’s new website makes it so that even the most IT illiterate of users can navigate it with ease. As NEWBART puts it, ‘your career in sport is like a game of snakes & ladders, and NEWBART is there to help you climb to the top’- this has never been easier thanks to their newly made web presence that will continue to stay relevant for years to come.


“I worked with the guys at VOiD on all matters. Not only did they understand what we wanted to achieve with the NEWBART website but they were also interested in what we were trying to do in our business. Communication was easy and they suggested ideas that were really relevant to our business. We are really happy with the outcome and the fact that it is different to our competitors.”