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A Frog's Life iPad Game - VOiD Applications

We’ve just completed and released our newest game: A Frogs Life.

A Frogs life is available for iOS tablets and will challenge users as well as educating them about the life cycle of a frog. Aimed at children and offering a blend of addicting gameplay, it aims to educate children about the life cycle of a frog in a fun and engaging way. Follow Dart as he grows from a tadpole and begins his adventure, growing into a fully fledged frog in the big wide world.
[wt_h2 heading_style=”wt_heading_3″ align=”left”]App Store Description[/wt_h2] A Frog's Life iPad Game - VOiD ApplicationsJoin Dart, as he traverses the lush rainforest which he calls home. Follow his journey from a small tiny tadpole living inside an egg, all the way to a strong frog living in the massive rainforest.

By tapping the iPad screen you can help Dart along with his journey through the rainforest. Collecting eggs and bugs will make Dart stronger and make his journey easier. Collecting eggs and bugs will also increase your score, but be sure to avoid the poison eggs as they will hinder Darts progress, plus nobody likes rotten eggs!

Each level offers something different. Level one begins with the tadpole confided to an egg which limits his movements. Level two opens up inside a small puddle and offers the player the chance to explore a little more of the rainforest whilst making Dart stronger. Level three features the entire rainforest and allows the player to explore both in water and on land.

Download it here:

A Frog's Life, by VOiD Applictions


[wt_h2 heading_style=”wt_heading_3″ align=”left”]Features Include[/wt_h2] A Frog's Life Screenshot 5 - VOiD Applications• Evolving gameplay, each level adds a different mechanic to the game.
• Scoreboards and the ability to challenge your friends and family.
• A Wide range of collectables, collect eggs and Bugs to help Dart grow big and strong whilst avoiding the bad eggs which Dart thoroughly dislikes.
• A Perfect balance between education and gameplay.

By using a combination of different game design elements we were able to create a fun and engaging game for children with the aim to educate them about friendship, exploration and the life cycle of a frog.

Players control Dart by tapping and dragging on the screen. Collecting eggs to help him grow big and strong, whilst avoiding the poisonous eggs which will hinder his growth, and Dart has a particular dislike of these! At the end of the game, you are given a score which is added to a leaderboard where you can see how you compare to your friends and family.

A Frogs life blends the perfect balance of fun, evolving gameplay with an educational twist which teaches players as they play.

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