New Leaf – A Training App Case Study

We were approached by Steinbeck CIC to take their existing training materials and develop a mobile application to help people deal with resilience topics, such as confidence building and negotiation in the form of a training app.

The Client

“Steinbeck is a social enterprise dedicated to giving people the skills and opportunities to find fulfilling employment. We do this through offering work experience opportunities, skills training and small business consultancy support. We do all this while focusing on being environmentally responsible.” – Steinbeck CIC <>

Steinbeck are a Community Interest Company set up in 2014. They are specialists in training and their mission is to help people from all backgrounds who have challenges in their lives such as long-term unemployment or ex-offenders.

They believe that everyone has talent and they will help you gain your own self-belief and purpose in life.

Our Task and the Initial Meetings

We were approached by Steinbeck CIC, consisting of Henry Cofie-Squire, Andrew Allen, and William Gibbs. They had an already established record when it came to delivering resilience topic workshops in Prisons, and wanted a way to make this content mobile friendly, in the form of a mobile app. We worked closely alongside Steinbeck CIC, who came to us with a simple idea, and after a few meetings we had fleshed out the idea of what they wanted.

What Skills Were Required

• Log-in System
• Simple Clean UI
• iOS & Android Development
• Gamification
• A Real-Time Levelling System
• Achievements & Badges
• Social Media

Making the App

New Leaf Training App by VOiD ApplicationsTo make the app we incorporated elements of gamification, a levelling system and achievements. Gamification was used to take mundane training material and incorporate gameplay mechanics in a non-gaming environment. Gamification is used to keep users engaged and also gives them a reason to come back to the app multiple times. Achievements and a levelling system were included to give the player a chance to gain something from playing the game, thus increasing longevity.

New Leaf Training App by VOiD ApplicationsThe project was helped with funding from Big lottery, which is a fund available to community groups and charitable projects around the UK. Confidence building was the area chosen to show how the app would work. This area was able to demonstrate Gamification, the Levelling System and Achievements. When this area showed how the app would function and Steinbeck got the go ahead, we began the development of the other five areas.

To keep the app fresh and prevent the user from getting bored we built a system where the amount of questions asked by the app would differ from the real-world teaching. Reason behind this being we would be able to randomly generate questions so the player would have a random set of questions each time.

The app was presented in a simple, easy to use way, and the UI reflected this. By using simple colours, we were able to produce a clean, and easy to use app that meets all our client’s goals.


“This was our first mobile application and VOID made it so easy. All we had to do was tell them what we wanted and they designed and developed the entire app. A bunch of creative and hardworking individuals who are destined for success!” – Henry Cofie-Squire

If you think your business could benefit from a Mobile App for marketing or just want to have a chat about the wealth of possibilities they offer, please get in touch we’re happy to help.