iOS Developers Can Now Respond to Reviews

Jake RogersApps

With the release of iOS 10.3 Apple has taken major strides in allowing iOS developers to interact with users leaving reviews. By allowing developers to communicate with users, Apple is allowing a new way for developers to identify and resolve problems in one of the most public forums available, and an area that can sway many users minds in whether to download or buy that particular product.

Until now, there were no ways for developers to reach out to the disgruntled user who had experienced any bugs or crashes they encountered when using an app. This move by Apple solves this problem by allowing developers to have a direct channel of communication to address its users.

App developers are now able to address bugs and complaints directly, enabling an open level of communication to improve upon app functionality and the overall app experience. Apple has stressed that clear, concise answers are the best and that they should fall in line with the tone of the brand.

There is no limit to dictate to the developer when they should respond to a review, this allows developers to respond to any review, from any time. When a developer responds to a review the user will be notified which will prompt the user to update their review based on the response from the developer. For developers this allows them to establish a rapport with their user base.

It is worth noting that when it comes to this, developers can step a foot wrong, and ultimately damage their brand by responding to reviews. Constantly pushing new promo codes and discounts etc. within the reviews section would not be seen as a constructive reply. These responses should seek to address the users review and nothing more.

In a similar style to push notifications, it is essential for developers to have a well thought out strategy when it comes to responding to reviews to establish rapport with its users.

For developers, it would be beneficial to follow these practices:

  • Remain Consistent in your message,
  • Avoid Spamming,
  • Prioritise reviews which negatively affect your brand,
  • Live interaction,
  • With this roadmap, you are onto a sure fire path to ensuring your customer’s issues are dealt with in a fast, effective way.

With new controls added to developers, they are now able to respond directly to app store reviews. This feature gives developers the chance to have a support network that offers the replies. This feature will prove beneficial to developers who are looking to keep their audience engaged and address any issues its users may be having.

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