How Your Business Can Benefit from Mobile Apps

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How Your Business Can Benefit from Mobile Apps - VOiD Applications

Walking down the street. Sitting on the bus. Browsing while at a cafe. Anywhere and any time, people are using smart phones to watch, view, and interact with anything. Now imagine if you and your business could tap into this never ending market. That’s what an app can do for practically any business, whether small, local or nationwide.

There are many benefits to having an application dedicated to your business or service. You can keep in contact with current and potential clients instantly at any time ensuring top notch customer service and satisfaction. An application can be tailor made to be much more interactive and, importantly, create an immersive social experience for users, introducing such things as loyalty and reward schemes, games and forums and much more, making your app more enticing to use for new and existing customers.How Your Business Can Benefit from Mobile Apps - VOiD Applications

A real benefit of using an application over more traditional forms of advertisement is the lack of competition in the medium. Social media, for example, contains countless pages vying for the attention of millions of users. Though many businesses have pages on Facebook, Twitter and other websites, the vast majority of users on these websites simply will not be looking to make purchases or pay for a service, instead wanting to catch up with friends or keep up with current events. Emails are useful for direct contact, but that’s it; there is no guarantee that your newsletters or advertisements will be anything more than fodder for the Junk folder.

This is where the main strength of using mobile marketing instead of older forms of advertising becomes obvious: push notifications. While some people have hundreds or thousands of emails that have never been opened, everyone checks their mobile phone every hour of the day. A push notification will make the users phone vibrate or ringtone sound off in much the same way as a text message, instantly getting their attention and making it much more likely that your message will be read. Indeed, according to studies, 30-60% of people open notifications compared to a mere 20% opening emails, while 5.4% of people follow links in emails compared to a massive 40% of people choosing to interact with an app after receiving a push notification according to Marketing Land. So if you want to expand the reach of your business to it’s customers by anywhere from 50 to 300%, an app will be perfect for you and your company.

You now know the benefits of developing an app for your business when compared to other forms of marketing, but there are even more incentives to be had. Money can be made through your application by way of in-app purchases and ads, the app itself acts as an interactive, enjoyable advertisement for your brand and you additionally have the chance to reach some customers who you may not have been able to reach before.

So there you have it. Your business stands to gain tangible benefits from expanding into mobile marketing, whether that be an increase in profits or ensuring that the happiness of your customers is higher than ever. So, do not hesitate in stepping up to the challenge of entering a new market and developing an app with VOiD Applications today!