Happy Birthday World Wide Web

Jake RogersWeb

Two and a half decades ago an idea came about which changed the world. The World Wide Web. Where would we all be without the World Wide Web?

The App Store wouldn’t be here, we wouldn’t be able to find any piece of information we wanted at any hour of the day. To say the World Wide Web changed the World would be an understatement. We as a company would not be here; we exist purely because of the World Wide Web.

The World Wide Web gets built into everything. How often do you see yourself watching your favorite TV show, or sports and have your phone in one hand tweeting about something or reading a snippet of news at the same time? Even phone voting shows have a voting app where you can use the Internet to vote free of charge.

Without the Internet we would not be able to connect with our friends and colleagues. At the minute everything and everyone is connected, the world’s information is available to everyone. Its truly amazing to see everyone’s creativity leak onto the internet, an open source where everything and anything can be posted, anything from browsing the depths of 4chan to reading up to date 24/7 news. Without the World Wide Web, i’d hate to see where we would be now.