Are You Google Compliant? Google Introduces Transparent SSL Regulations

By October 2017 every website needs to have a transparent SSL certificate. Are you compliant?

Security is always paramount to a website and to reflect this Google has recently taken steps to ensure that websites begin using HTTPS, to make browsing the web much more secure for its users. From October 2017 all sites will need to comply or face penalties by Google.

Certificate transparency (Transparent SSL) is Google’s way of preventing misuse of SSL certificates by hackers. Think of a Transparent SSL as a document that is logged on your domain and shows this document is issued by the Certification Authority. This ensures your certificate is valid for your domain, and no attempt at duplication or misuse of your sites identity can be carried out. This also means anyone can check and verify the validity of your website as the information is available to the public domain.

Are You Google Compliant? Google Introduces Transparent SSL Regulations - VOiD Applications

Want to check if your website is Secure according to google? Load up the website of choice, then take a look in the address bar, right before the URL starts. You can click here for more information on your connection to the website and wether it’s secure, but a surefire way of seeing if its secure is by looking for the secure padlock and word ‘Secure’.

If you do not become compliant in time, Google will mark your site as ‘Not Secure’, discouraging users from clicking your site in search results.

A site marked as unsecure on Google will see website views plummet. If you are unsure how secure your site is, or just want someone to check if you are compliant contact us today!