Google Introduces the Pixel Phone

Jake RogersTechnology

Do you use an Android phone? About 100 million people do in the United Kingdom alone. Last year, Google announced that there were 1.4 billion active Android devices worldwide. You already know, probably, that Android is Google’s operating system — but until now, you probably didn’t own an Android phone manufactured by Google itself. With the Pixel, that’s all about to change.

Unlike previous Android collaborations, the Pixel phones are explicitly produced by Google itself. Positioned as a direct competitor to the iOS and Apple’s iPhone, the Pixel and Pixel XL are already turning heads. Part of the reason, though, is that by introducing the Pixel phones, Google is choosing to compete not just with rival Apple, but also with manufacturers like Samsung — manufacturers whose smartphones use Google’s Android operating system.

The smartphone market is incredibly competitive. In a saturated environment where manufacturers are already slugging it out for market share, the Google’s Pixel phones could prove to be real game changers. Early feedback indicates the phones are incredibly fast, very sleek replete with features, some of which (though not all) are exclusive to the Pixels themselves.

The Pixels — there are two, one larger than the other — feature bright, vibrant displays. The Pixel XL is only half an inch larger than the five-inch Pixel, but for users who like a large display an extra half an inch can make all the difference. Battery life is reportedly quite good, while the quality of the cameras in both phones make them competitive to the excellent cameras found in the iPhone line.

“Early feedback indicates the phones are incredibly fast, very sleek replete with features, some of which (though not all) are exclusive to the Pixels themselves.”

Early Android phones especially, had a reputation for being ‘buggy’, requiring frequent restarts and other tweaks to deal with lag, glitches and mysterious (and sometimes unsolvable) problems. Already though, tech reviewers are raving that the Pixels are the best Android phones yet introduced. The overall to the early reports are, the design is intuitive, and operating system is stable, which is music to tech junkies ears when a new product is released. Then again, the Samsung Note was cleared to roll out and well, we know how that played out.

A recurring theme in the world of smartphones is the push to make phones thinner and thinner. While the Pixels don’t break any records for slim devices, they aren’t clunky either, and there is no camera lens bulge to break up the outline or ruin the phone’s subtle wedge aesthetics. Both phones use USB Type-C, which means those users accustomed to the plethora of Android devices using USB will have to invest in new cables and chargers if they want extras on hand.

The Pixels are assembled for Google by HTC, long known in the Industry for manufacturing smartphones. The company was, in fact, the original design manufacturer for various Personal Data Assistants, Android Phones, and Windows phones, and of course manufactured the Nexus smartphones and tablets designed and branded by Google.

All in all, it sounds like a great start for Google in establishing their new campaign for the Pixel Phone, and may be the project that topples or at least pushes Apple to their creative limit in the future. With that being said where do the companies that are creating phones for Android now stand, with Google coming out to play and dancing with the likes of Apple straight off the bat, we may see a swing in what companies decide to create for the Android platform in the future if the Pixel is to be successful.