Google Chrome is Making a Fundamental Change to URLs

Jake RogersWeb

Google Chrome is Making a Fundamental Change to Your URLs - VOiD Applications
Web browsing is changing. Google is looking to change the way URL bars are displayed only showing the domain of the site you are on. The reasoning behind this? Mainly to do with Phishing, by only displaying the domain name, it will be much easier for users to be sure they are on the correct domain. A security warnings update was brought in a few years back, to display a warning if you were not on a secure website, but this is also a welcome addition, and Firefox already makes the subdomains grey.

Early critics are saying this move will make the internet less decentralised and transparent, as the URL will become irrelevant and users will be using search engines more to find their information. Users will also be able to see the full address bar by simply hovering over the URL bar, and Google have already stated they will include an option that you can toggle, which will show the whole address by default if you wish. This feature is currently available on beta versions of Chrome and will be rolled out universally in the future.

You can find out more by watching this video below;