Donghua Chain Identification – Mobile and Tablet App Case Study

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Donghua Chain Identification App - VOiD ApplicationsDonghua Limited is part of the Hangzhou Donghua Chain Group of Companies; one of the largest chain manufacturers with subsidiaries worldwide, producing over 30 million meters of finished chain per year. Donghua chain has been manufactured and supplied to the European market for over 20 years. Since 2009 Donghua branded chains have been available direct in the UK.

The Client

“We design, manufacture and assemble all of the parts in our chain enabling us to guarantee the same high standard from start to finish. Our primary focus is the quality of the chain we manufacture, specialising in innovative chain production which is often customised and bespoke to clients’ requirements.  Using our hardening facilities, along with advanced surface techniques, we can deliver roller chain tolerances within 0.5 DIN accuracy, in an extensive range of materials and alloys, meaning Donghua chain will provide high-performance solutions in industrial, agricultural and specialist applications.”

The Problem

Donghua approached us to take their existing Chain ID system, which allows customers to identify the correct chain on the website, and turn that into a mobile app. Making the identification process easier for its clients that are on the go, a great reference to hand.

The Solution

A mobile app that did the following;

  • Easily presented the Chain ID forms.
  • Mobile friendly to hit a larger target market.
  • Ease of use for the customer.
  • Allowed the customer to send Donghua information about the chains and their contact details along with a picture of their current chain.
  • Available on both Android and iOS phone and tablet devices.
  • Available in multiple different locations across Europe.

The app is available in multiple regions across Europe. Location services are used to identify where the user is so the information can be forwarded to the correct office. This has helped expand the apps reach without creating multiple versions.

Donghua Chain Identification - Mobile and Tablet App - VOiD Applications

Donghua Chain Identification App in action.

The Outcome

Working with Donghua, we were able to create an app that helps their customers find what they need quicker and easier than ever. The app will be a big part of the future for Chain ID. Available on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play store, for tablets and phones.

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