Is My Web Host Right For Me?

Christy ConnortonVOiD Applications, Web

Today, a strong digital presence and getting yourself set up online is absolutely crucial. It can be a difficult project to undertake. The sheer amount of choices you make concerning your new website can be overwhelming, and you can’t afford to make any mistakes that might cost you in the long run – especially when it comes to web hosting. Before they come to us at VOiD, one of the main problems our clients face is finding the right web host for their website and, admittedly, it’s a very difficult … Read More

Why You Need Professional Web Maintenance

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Why You Need Professional Web Maintenance - VOiD Applications

Website Maintenance is a massive pain in the neck. As web developers, we know it better than anyone. There’s always another bug for you to fix, always another update, you change one thing and seven more problems pop up. The catch is that it’s absolutely crucial to your website’s success and, through that, your business’ online presence. You can’t afford to ignore it. However, there exists a solution so easy that you won’t ever have to worry about it again – Can’t somebody else do it? The short answer is … Read More

Why SEO is Crucial

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Why SEO is Crucial - VOiD Applications

Search Engine Optimisation – SEO – is one of the most important factors of a website’s success. Good SEO practice ensures that you remain in the highest search results on a search engine, which has a direct impact on click-through rates and conversions. It’s an absolute necessity for anyone who wants to get ahead with their business’ website. SEO involves researching keywords – terms and phrases that a user may search for – and using them in your website. These may pop up once or several times, and can cover … Read More

Buy Cheap, Buy Twice

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Buy Cheap, Buy Twice - VOiD Applications

“You get what you pay for”. “Buy cheap, buy twice”. They’re phrases that pop up daily. You only have to google them to find pages upon pages of results lamenting springing for the cheaper option, only to have it break – with everything from bikes and cars to vacuum cleaners and printers. It even applies to the recruitment industry, costing three to five times the annual salary to fix a miss-hire that could have been caught early in the process. The question is, then, why is it so common in … Read More

Why Your Business Needs to go Mobile

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Why Your Business Needs to Go Mobile - VOiD Applications

Businesses, now more than ever, sink or swim depending on their ability to stay current. Increasing digitisation across all areas – communication, commerce, advertisement, to name a few – means that in order to beat your competitors, you should be constantly checking for new innovations that give you the edge. Perhaps the single most important new area in the business and digital world is mobile development. Each year, the total number of mobile apps downloaded increases – topping 175 billion downloads in 2017, a 60% increase from 2015 – and … Read More