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Buy Cheap, Buy Twice - VOiD Applications
“You get what you pay for”. “Buy cheap, buy twice”. They’re phrases that pop up daily. You only have to google them to find pages upon pages of results lamenting springing for the cheaper option, only to have it break – with everything from bikes and cars to vacuum cleaners and printers. It even applies to the recruitment industry, costing three to five times the annual salary to fix a miss-hire that could have been caught early in the process. The question is, then, why is it so common in the web and app development industry?

It can be appealing. You need a website designed quickly, and you don’t want to pay through the nose for the service. So you look around – you’ll likely find a mass of developers all clamouring for the job, with a lower price at every turn. But what are you getting for your money? You could farm it out to a freelancer – but without proper research, you might end up with an entirely unprofessional developer that’s impossible to pin down. You could decide to go for a cheaper, less established agency – they’ve got a good portfolio, after all. Their few clients seem happy so far. It could look good, and it’s cheaper than a reputable developer. But this is where the trouble begins.

“One of the biggest dangers of working with the lowest bidder is that you’ll wind up with an incomplete product that doesn’t fulfil the needs of your company.”

When you pay a higher price for a reputable creative, whether it’s a developer, writer, or content creator, you’re paying for more than just the work they will produce. Like buying the genuine article over a bootleg, you pay for the recognisable brand, their collective wealth of successful experience and a guarantee of quality that you wouldn’t find elsewhere. You pay for a collective package, which includes expertise in all aspects of a project. For example, your SEO is one of the biggest traction gainers a website has – you want to ensure that it’s done properly. When you weigh the premium cost of a web developer against the possible increase in revenue that excellent SEO practice will bring, you can begin to see where your investment will take you.

One of the biggest dangers of working with the lowest bidder is that you’ll wind up with an incomplete product that doesn’t fulfil the needs of your company. The costs start stacking up to several times the price of a reputable developer, as you cover the cost of fixing the problems and mitigate potential losses due to technical difficulties. It may even require paying the professionals to step in after completion of poorly designed product, who could have done better for less than the total cost of the entire endeavour.

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There are many traps and pitfalls in finding the right solution. An agency that charges more will often have their justifications – the ability to produce a higher quality product and a more complete package that goes with it. Paying extra for personalised aftercare, dedicated SEO practices and analysis, and a specialised team that will ensure the success of your project may prove worth it in the long run. After all, what you pay for is what you get – a product that you have to replace three times will cost more than a product that doesn’t need replacing. If you’re in the market for web or app development, it’s definitely worth considering the options, and deciding whether going for the cheapest option is truly the best value for your money.