Apple MacBook Pro Review: All You Need To Know

Jake RogersTechnology

Apple unveiled its long-anticipated MacBook Pro update at a launch event in San Francisco on 27th October. Apple showcased the new 13in and 15in models of the MacBook Pro, which are most certainly sleeker both in design and functionality. This latest version of the Macbook Pro comes with new features and changes, but the most noteworthy feature is the Touch Bar.

This is a touch-operated line of buttons and sliders that appear at the keyboard top and switches functions as you do different things with the system.

The Touch Bar is quite revolutionary and allows for smoother control of apps and software, which can be quite handy for some actions including; photo editing and Virtual DJing. It also contains a Quick Type functionality that allows you to type quicker with faster predictive suggestions.

The Touch bar carries a Touch ID sensor similar to that of the iPhone and iPad devices. Apple has also inserted an Apple T1 chip in the MacBook Pro that can be used to make secure payments in several retailer websites that are partners.

“The Touch Bar is quite revolutionary and allows for smoother control of apps and software, which can be quite handy for some actions”

The Touch Bar can also be customised to suit your style. You can click and drag commands/functions into the bar, just like you would with app icons on a Mac or iPhone.

[wt_note title=”Would you Upgrade?” align=”right” width=”325″]Apple MacBook Pro Review: All You Need To Know - VOiD Applications
As a Macbook owner for several years the changes on offer from Apple are a welcome change, a lighter, thinner laptop is always a welcome addition. As a pre-retina user, the retina display is one that will be most welcomed. The ability to play Doom on the touch bar is something that interests me however I can’t see it being anything other than an unnecessary addition with some level of functionality. Time will tell how the touch bar is used by developers to add functionality. – Jake[/wt_note]Aside from the Touch Bar Other notable features of the new MacBook Pro include;

  • High-res Retina Display.
  • Compared to previous generations of Apple laptops the new Pro is much brighter and has a better screen quality. Apple claims that both new MacBook Pro models (13in and 15in model) are 67% brighter, with 67% higher contrast ratio and 25% more colour.
  • Sixth-generation Quad-core Processor.
  • The 15in MacBook Pro comes with one Intel Core i7 quad-core processor with a Radeon Pro graphics card that is supposed to improve gaming capabilities. The smaller 13in model will come with either the Core i5 or i7 which ideally depends on what you prefer, with Intel Iris illustrations and swift SSD storage.
  • Better Speakers.
  • The built-in speakers should be twice the dynamic range of audio compared to previous Macbooks.’
  • Thinner and Lighter.

A big part of what makes the new Pro unique is that it is much slimmer and lighter than even the MacBook Air. The 13in Pro weighs a similar three pounds as the MacBook Air but is 12% thinner. It is 14.9mm thick, with 23% secondary volume and 17% thinner compared to the previous generation of pro and weighs just 1.23kg. The 15in model, on the other hand, is 15.5mm thick with 20% less volume than the previous generation. It surprisingly weighs just 1.81kg which is quite light for its specs.

There will always be a battle between Apple and PC fans over price and this Macbook Pro certainly won’t change that. Starting at a cool £1,749 a 13″, 2.0GHz, 256Gb touch bar enabled Macbook Pro is not the cheap option. There are some upsides to this, though, our experiences with Macbooks in the past have been very positive with great reliability for really work heavy functions for 4-5 years. And with customer service from Apple the upfront costs can even out over the lifetime of the machine.

Apple has created their best ever Macbook Pro with this model. Some readers might be questioning why it has taken them so long to refresh the range but they have definitely refreshed it now. It offers a lot of users of older Macbooks more than a few reasons to upgrade and with faster processors and a lighter frame many will be happy with this Macbook.