Apple Keynote 2017 Review

We’re here again with Apple hosting its annual conference after weeks of rumours and leaks we have finally seen the new iPhone, Apple Watch,  Apple TV, the new Steve Jobs Theatre, and finally the iPhone X.

Before introducing the new Apple Watch model, Tim Cook announced that Apple was the number #1 watch seller in the world, even surpassing Rolex. The Apple Watch Series 3 looks similar to the previous model however it is built in with cellular data connectivity, something that has been wanted since the Apple Watch first came out. The new watch is a whopping 70% faster than the last model and now comes in a beautiful new grey ceramic model. The watch is released on September 22nd.

 Next up was the Apple TV 4K, which now has added 4k resolution for the first time. The new Apple TV 4K features a new A10X chip and offers four times faster graphics than the previous Apple TV.  As a nice incentive, Apple will upgrade any Full HD purchases to 4K once the content becomes available.

Apple has decided to forgo its usual “S” models and instead went straight to the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.


Though the new models look the same as last years, they offer fresh new designs in the form of glass backs that match the aluminium edges of the phone. The phones come in the following colours; silver, space grey and gold. The new phones have a 12mp sensor which reacts to the light and improves saturation on your pictures. They also shoot better videos and manage to preserve quality, while optimising the size.

Next up is a lengthy section about AR including overlays for sporting events, and it became apparent that this is going to be a big deal in the future. Regarding overall design, the new phones aren’t a huge leap forward, which is to be expected. The all-glass back, however, is definitely recognisable, and some people will love its return. The new phone has a release date of 22nd September, so get your pre-orders in.

Saving the biggest reveal for last, the leaks were accurate, we have an anniversary addition iPhone, called the iPhone X, pronounced iPhone Ten. It would be wise to assume this will be the most anticipated model since the original released in 2007. “The iPhone X is the biggest leap forward since the original iPhone” reveals Tim Cook. The new phone features glass front and back and the design is very reminiscent of the iPhone 4S. The phone features an edge to edge screen with thin bezels around the device. Perhaps surprising the least believable part of the leak, the home button has been removed to accommodate the new screen.

With no home button, the device can be woken by swiping up from the bottom of the display. Siri has also been moved to a side button for ease of access. FaceID plays a big part in the new phone taking advantage of an array of sensors including an infrared camera, illuminator, a proximity sensor and lots more. To make FaceID possible the iPhone X relies on a specific version of the A11 bionic processor. Apple is so sure of the faceID, it is said to be impossible to “trick” the software. Thus you can now pay with Apple Pay using your face seamlessly.

The battery life seems impressive with apple saying it lasts two hours longer than the iPhone 7. Like the iPhone 8, you can charge this phone with wireless charging which Apple is calling “airpower”.

This new model is not cheap and will set you back £999 for the 64gb model and obviously pricier for the 256gb model. You can pre-order on October 27th and will begin shipping on November 3rd. With the new models being released older models have received a price cut respectively.

This new model is not cheap and will set you back £999 for the 64gb model and obviously pricier for the 256gb model

Overall this was a safe conference from Apple, all the leaks came true, and the new phones will surely please Apple enthusiasts. Watch out next week for our follow up blog post about the new iPhone models and how they will affect app developers.