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App User Retention - VOiD Applications

When you’ve got a shiny new app, you would assume that all users are going to love it and stay loyal to you and everything you are doing. This is incorrect as over 80% of the audience is lost for a variety of reasons. We are now going to run over the reasons users are turned away from apps.

App User Retention - VOiD Applications


We have all had those apps where they invade all aspects of your life, going off every moment of the day letting you know that it is still there, this has its place with some apps which rely on constant user engagement. First Impressions are everything and the app’s first moments are what create those ever-lasting memories.


Adverts are a way in which you can generate revenue within your app. Users are generally accustomed to this fact, however, it is important to have a strategy when it comes to this. Adverts come in different forms, there are;

• Full-Screen Ads.
• Banner Ads
• And Native Ads;

App User Retention - VOiD ApplicationsFull-screen ads offer the user a high-level of engagement and usually means taking them out the app to take full advantage of what you are offering, this type of ad is perfect for compelling and creative call-to-actions.

Banner ads are used to cycle content and are usually reliant on brand recognition. This type of advert is perfect for when you have a series of apps and wish to spread the word about them.

Native ads are adverts which take the same design from the app itself. This type of advert is used to seamlessly integrate adverts without taking the user out of the app itself. This is perfect for similar style apps to the one you have.

When using adverts it’s important not to constantly bombard the user with intrusive ads. To counter this many apps offer a lite version of the app which is reliant on ads for generating revenue for the publisher and a full paid version, which in essence is the user paying for the privilege of removing the adverts. You have to offer additional reasons for them to buy, as users feel hard done to when they are paying simply to remove adverts.

“When using adverts it’s important not to constantly bombard the user with intrusive ads.”


App User Retention - VOiD ApplicationsWhen opening the app for the first time it can be quite overwhelming for the user, therefore, it would be beneficial to have a user-guide, a short tutorial to show how to use the app. This guide must show the user the key features of your app, this acts as a playable demonstration and introduces them to how to use it . A progressive user-experience is used more and more now and will guide the user through everything the app has to offer. The guiding process must address one key concept, help users to solve a problem.

Think of all the apps you have downloaded, a majority of these will have some sort of guiding process, which walks you through the steps required to navigate the app. It’s worthwhile to note that many app developers have tools which track user behaviour on their app and gather data which is used to further implement further refinements to the user experience. The data gathered allows the publisher to give the customer the most user-friendly experience they can with the app.

Push Notifications

App User Retention - VOiD ApplicationsWe covered previously the best practices when it comes to sending push notifications. When it comes to push notifications the worst thing you can do is be repetitive and pushy, it might sound trivial but it makes people want to abandon your app.

Having push notifications is a great tool if it’s not being abused. We are currently living in the age where users expect to be sent content relevant to them. You can adopt a push notification strategy which focuses on the user’s preference.

Final Thoughts

A Mobile app is meant to be a user-friendly experience which adds value to their life. By working with us we will ensure that everything is done to provide this seamless experience for the user. Having plenty of downloads is one thing, but so is having satisfied users.

If you think your business could benefit from a Mobile App for marketing or just want to have a chat about the wealth of possibilities they offer,please get in touch we’re happy to help.