2016 in Retrospect: A Look Back Over the Year

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2016 in Retrospect: A Look Back Over the Year - VOiD Applications

So here we are another year that has passed us by. We are now in 2017 and what a year we hope its going to be. Join us as we look over the past year and everything that came with it.

The iPhone 7

Boasting a new range of colours, Offering a waterproof casing, a force sensitive home button, a 40% faster processor than the iPhone 6S and two hours extra battery life, the iPhone 7 was a welcome addition to the iPhone lineup. Though not without controversy the beloved headphone jack was removed. And thus the new Air pods were revealed. Apple’s foray into the Bluetooth headphone marketplace they offered intelligent, efficient playback. Though proving to be costly at £169.99.

New Macbook

At its annual event in San Francisco Apple announced its new MacBook Models. A 13in and 15in Macbook were shown to be sleeker in both design and functionality. Perhaps the most noteworthy announcement was the new touch bar.

The Apple Watch Series 2

Much like the iPhone 7, the new series of Apple Watch was lighter, thinner and had extended battery life compared to its predecessor. Geared towards fitness enthusiasts a Nike special edition was announced, along with a plethora of new apps such as a heart rate sensor, workout apps, and much more.

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iOS 10

A big new update for iOS came out towards the latter end of the year which Apple called “It’s biggest iOS release ever”.

  • New Emojis.
  • New Widgets.
  • The ability to ‘Delete’ stock apps.
  • Redesigned Maps.
  • Photo Memories.
  • Raise to Wake.

This update was made available in the UK on September 16th. This update brought some much-needed changes to the operating system.

The Pixel Phone

One of the biggest announcements this year was Google coming out with its own phone. According to google, there are 1.4 billion Android Devices worldwide, so it seemed a no-brainer for Google to enter the mobile phone arena with its own manufactured phone. The Pixel Changed that.

Produced entirely by google it was positioned as a direct competitor to the iPhone. With this phone Google sent rippled through the mobile phone tech-space, Where would the companies developing a phone for Android Stand? Whether or not the Pixel is successful enough to knock the iPhone off its throne is yet to be seen but the future is looking bright for the future of mobile Phones.

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Pokemon GO

The biggest App release of the year definitely goes to Pokemon Go. What started off as an April fools joke in 2014 led to one of the biggest releases in recent memory. Pokemon GO offered many people the ability to live out a childhood dream, to become a Pokemon trainer. Using the framework of google maps and the gameplay of Ingress. It was always going to be a winning formula. As brands became aware of the pulling power of location techniques it became a Big money earner.

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The Year Going Forward

This year we can expect to see the iPhone 7S range, a new version of the Pixel phone. It will be an interesting year for sure with new technologies and tools coming out. What will 2017 bring for the future of app development. You can definitely expect a push for VR. Let us know what you think will happen this year on Twitter.