10 Things to Look Forward to with iOS 10

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10 Things to Look Forward to with iOS 10 - VOiD Applications

Apple’s developer conference in San Francisco back in June told us a lot about what we can expect from iOS 10. A few months and a few beta versions later we want to share what we’re looking forward to the most about iOS when it launches sometime in September with the new iPhone models.

1. Lock Screen Overall

The lock screen is completely new in iOS 10. Apple has added a new Widgets side panel that replaces the famous “Slide to Unlock” passcode screen. Touch ID now has a bigger emphasis due to the removal of this screen. Swiping right now displays all of the widgets that were previously available in the Notification Centre with new additions like Maps, Mail and photos to name a few.

The changes to the widgets are felt across iOS 10. When on the home screen widgets are no longer displayed in the Notification Centre but when using apps and of course when on the lock screen they’ll be available.

The camera is easily accessible by swiping left making it so much easier to access on the move and in a rush.

Using an iPhone 6S or 6S Plus? Notifications are now 3D Touch enabled allowing more options without leaving the lock screen, similar to changes last year with media and messages.

These are just a few of the changes to the Lock Screen and the Home Screen coming up in iOS 10. Others include tweaks to the control centre layout and Notification Centre.

Video courtesy of Mac Rumours on YouTube.

2. Removing Stock Apps

Rejoice, people, because it’s finally over. If you’re like me you might have replaced some of the stock apps like Podcasts, Calendar and Weather for better third-party alternatives years ago and hidden the useless stocks one in a folder on page 8 called “Unused” or even “Crapple”. You can reinstall them like normal from the App Store. It’s not clear yet whether all the storage space for these apps is freed up when they are removed because with apps like Mail and Calendar other features of the iPhone depend on them. We’ll wait and see on that one.

10 Things to Look Forward to with iOS 10

An example of what we could expect from the iMessage upgrade.

3. iMessage upgrade & new Emoji’s

Messages are getting a big upgrade this time around. If you use apps such as Whatsapp and Snapchat some of these additions might seem familiar. Messages can now be sent with animated backgrounds like confetti and fireworks. You can add extra emphasis to a message with Bubble effects that change the animation of the message when it’s received. Digital touch allows users to sketch messages and the addition of rich links allows for content to be previewed.

Just like in Whatsapp sending a single Emoji will make it bigger. Individual words will be highlighted when the device detects an emoji that could replace it.

Stickers will be available from the Messages App Store. They can be resized, added to photos or placed above chat bubbles.

There are a lot of changes with Messages which makes the whole experience more detailed, gone are the days of boring old chat bubbles and the same old emojis.

4. Split View on the iPad

iPads will now allow full split view when using Safari. This long-awaited feature will make viewing two different web page simultaneously so much quicker and easier. Mail composing split view will also be available on iPads.

5. Tighter Mac Continuity with Copy & Paste and iCloud Drive

For those of us that have multiple Apple devices whether at home or work you’ll be happy to know that Apple is improving on OSX and IOS integration. Along with the ability to make and review phone calls and messages from your Mac, Apple is adding Copy & Paste. This will allow users to copy something from their iPhone or iPad and paste it to their Mac and vice versa. iCloud Drive will now store Mac files located on the Desktop or Documents to be accessed using your iPhone and iPad anywhere.

6. “CallKit” API For third-party VoIP apps

Apple has created a developer API called CallKit for VoIP apps such as Whatsapp and Skype. This allows their calling features to act and behave similar to standard calls on the iPhone. Also, Apple is making it easier to screen spam calls using caller ID extensions.

7. Voicemail Transcription

iOS 10 will allow for voicemail messages to be translated to text to read. We’re not quite sure if this will be available here in the UK from day one, but it’s a pretty nice feature for those like me who hate all the menus on their voicemail.

10 Things to Look Forward to with iOS 10 - VOiD Applications

Apple Pay Straight from Safari.

8. Apple Pay straight from Safari

Apple is well and truly part of people’s lives in the UK. With the majority of retailers supporting the contactless, cardless payment system. Apple will be bringing Apple Pay integration to Safari with iOS 10 and OSX Sierra and participating websites. A “Pay with Apple Pay” button will be present and payments authorised with Touch ID, as usual, making payments on the web even faster.

9. Home. Everything connected in one place.

I have to be honest here and say I own no Homekit connected products either at the home or in the office. In the next few years, more and more products will come to market that are all connected to our phones and tablets. They’ll start to be more accessible and slowly become parts of our lives like Smartphones and Tablets have in the past decade. Having an app that allows you to control all of your connected products in one place is the perfect next step as these products become more common.

10. Bedtime Alarm

This is a definitely a side note when it comes to major changes to iOS but it certainly was a long time coming. The alarm feature on iOS has barely changed over the years and with the upcoming Bedtime Alarm feature, Apple has integrated what a lot of third-party apps have been trying for years (as usual).

This lets users set goals for their sleep whilst giving them a “Sleep History” that challenges them to keep the bars aligned each day. Reminders of when to go to bed to meet the targets. And the long awaited ability to have customisable wake-up sound volume.

So there you have it the 10 things to look forward to with iOS 10 from us here at VOiD. Keep an eye out for our upcoming post covering what to expect from the new iPhone 7, 7 Plus and maybe (spoilers) the 7 Pro. And if you missed our previous post, please check it out regarding Apple Subscription Changes to the App Store and How it Could Affect You and Your Business Apps.